A Long Awaited Update

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You might wonder if I have been involved in a long journey through Iceland with the Shmata Queen to see the Northern Lights and the answer is not this time, though it may happen.

I have done some preliminary research albeit not much and our dear lady hasn’t discussed any of that with me or read the prior post yet.

Hell, I am surprised at how much I have accomplished this year and how much may yet come to be.

Got three new cars which is something I have never done before nor attempted for multiple reasons not just financial but because of need too.

Yet in the aftermath to the crazy that was 2020 there came an unexpected and unplanned need for three vehicles and I figured out how to pull that off without losing my shirt.

I feel good about it and grateful because time was this would have seemed impossible so if there is a lesson here it is to never give up, never surrender.

Yeah, I pulled the prior line from a movie but make no apologies because it works.

On That Road To Somewhere

So I am on the road to somewhere which is something all of us can always say but in this case it feels particularly different.

Maybe it is because even though I haven’t roped the moon I have hooked my car to a comet and I am holding on for dear life because I am going to ride this through whatever comes.

I am almost ready to say I have definitely got this but just superstitious enough to know that could jinx it so instead I’ll say I feel pretty good about it.

Can’t spend too much time thinking because most of this is based upon minute adjustments and moved based upon instinct not heavy analysis.

Don’t want to look down and see how close I am to the edge or how near the finish. Just going to keep going until I reach a level plane again and see what life looks like then.

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