A Conversation With The Shmata Queen

Oh Shmata Queen, the stories you and I could tell and still do.

Been thinking about the decades and what goes into it all and what doesn’t. Had more than a few people ask for clarification and more than once refused to say much of anything.

Cue music:

What Life Will We Lead

Multiple conversations with teenagers about their futures and their dreams remind me a bit about those we used to have.

Also gets me thinking about when we refocus on ourselves and what comes next. The kids still require our guidance and help, but not like they used to.

Not even close.

That is ok. If we did a good job we have made them pretty damn self-sufficient and they don’t need us like they used to.

It is bittersweet isn’t it, this sense of wanting to be needed but not wanting it. This feeling that we have to keep pushing and yet don’t want to.

And then this question about what do with ourselves and the additional time we can see coming is hard and yet exciting in its own way, now isn’t it.

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