Five Minutes Of Writing

Got five minutes to tell you about how I started this blog as a self-hosted venture that was designed to take my Blogger blog into a more professional setting.

Had no idea what it would become or where it would go but the Shmata Queen told me she thought I was a fine writer and that I was making a mistake by not working with my gift.

Wasn’t certain I agreed with her about having a gift because I never thought much about my writing compared to others.

Figured I wasn’t as good as some and better than others. Based upon some nonscientific gut feelings and some awards I won for pieces I wrote elsewhere.

Never worked hard on trying to take this to the cliche people call Next Level because if I had I would have done things differently than I did.

Would have spent more time trying to produce the kind of content that resonated with many instead of a few.

It would have built a bigger readership and led to more opportunities

Did ok for myself overall and well, here I am 18 years later still writing, but not like I used to. Too many things going on in too many places so this one doesn’t get the coverage it used to.

Can’t say it will stay like this or not, life has shown me things change and not on our schedule.

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