The Joy Of Packing

The joy of packing for a trip you don’t really want to go on but know is necessary is never the same as packing for the one you can’t wait for.

No surprises or shock is derived from this less than profound insight. Heck, you can label this as mild whining about something I could get out of but won’t.

This needs to be done and as I have taught my children so shall I act. Jumping on it sooner than later gets it out of the way so that I can focus my energy and attention on what I want to do.

Still, I’ll grant myself five minutes to complain about it.

I had the option of flying which in concept would reduce the amount of travel time by a significant amount but I decided not to roll the dice on that one.


Because during the Summer of 2022, at least the beginning part, the airlines are short-staffed and it is causing issues with flight delays and cancellations.

So I am putting in for windshield time knowing it will cause more wear and tear on me but I’ll better control of when I come and go.

Let’s hope the roads remain clear because that could blow this whole idea up.

If nothing else I’ll get plenty of time to listen to some of the books I downloaded from Audible and catch up on some of the interviews Howard Stern has conducted that I haven’t listened to yet.

And who knows, maybe I’ll find a bag of money or some buried treasure during my adventure and get to retire.


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