Five Minutes After Midnight

It is five minutes after midnight and I just barely avoided breaking my neck over crap the family left in places you can only see with night vision or if the lights or on.

It more than pleases me to say I avoided both minor and major injuries to be here with you because that kind of crap doesn’t just go away.

The big injuries can leave lasting effects but so can the small ones that come with the little nagging things that stick around for far longer than you would like them to.

So color me grateful for having dodged that particular bullet especially as I discovered this evening that a certain noodle product from Costco hates me.

It was an unexpected and unpleasant discovery especially as I had no reason to consider this item to be something my wacky digestive system wouldn’t like.

Color me less than pleased but not with a real pen, marker or paint.

I Dare

Don’t think I did a particularly good job with that photo quote above but it works for now and provides an opportunity for me to answer the unspoken call to action in it.

I dare.

I am taking action to encourage fortune to favor me but I won’t write out precisely what I am doing here because I am mildly superstitious and there are boundaries in blogging.

You don’t need to know everything and given that updates here have been a little sporadic I might save material so that I can resume something more consistent.

I’ll also share that I am nervous about some of this, but mostly in a good way. If it goes as I hope it could be pretty darn good.

And if not, well I am not going to put much energy into that because I don’t want to borrow trouble or jinx myself.

Sometimes you just need to run and expect life to unfold as it should.

Told Steiner the minor that very thing tonight and laughed because I called him Steiner the minor and he made a face.

He is not a minor anymore, hasn’t been for a long while and neither is his little sister.

He told me I am old and that is why I forgot that he isn’t a minor. I disagreed with his assessment of my age, I don’t feel old and can confirm there are many far older.

But I concede I am not the young guy at the office anymore and haven’t been for a long time.

Not quite ready to retire, but far closer to that than to the beginning of my career. Now I listen to the guys who talk about shlepping their kids to soccer or ballet and smile at fond memories.

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