More Than Monthly Updates

Been speaking with The Shmata Queen about many things and even gave her a nudge to restart her blog but I don’t think that is happening.

At one point in time I knew the password and login information so in theory I could restart it myself but I am not where said information is so that is unlikely.

And hell, I am having trouble doing more than monthly updates here so does it make sense to light a fire somewhere else?

Probably not but somethings about life don’t make any sense to me now so who is to say that taking unexpected action wouldn’t yield positive results.

Of course it could lead the other direction too and that wouldn’t make me happy to maybe I ought to play it safe in at least one area…maybe.

Who Walks Through Fire

Told the queen we always should pay attention to who walks through fire for us and to pay special attention to those people because there are only a few and some of them are extra special.

Maybe special enough to write about or to inspire writing and that is worth noticing.

The real and true muse of our lives, they are meaningful and significant if only we have the sense to listen.

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