April Comes Roaring In

Someone called me an angry gorilla and I laughed because something about how they said it was funny.

That didn’t do much for helping them to feel less frustrated and less angry with me. It wasn’t as effective at infuriating someone as saying “relax” or “calm down, you’re hysterical” but it certainly didn’t make them smile.

Nor did watching me fight not to begin roaring like someone let their tuchus tuba toot through the sermon.

It was one of those moments where if they hadn’t said anything I probably would have been fine, but something about their expression and tone just made me lose it.

And then because I am guilty of being someone who presses buttons I said “April comes roaring in” and then shouted safe like I was the home plate umpire.

That didn’t make things any better but it made me laugh harder and proved once again I can be my own best audience.

blame it on being involved in far too much serious and stressful discussions.

Sometimes you have to get a little silliness into your life and so I did.

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