One Post A Month

There was a time when I would update 2-3 times a day every day but it was before the content shock of 10 million online sources.

Some people thanked me for entertaining them and some people asked if I could slow down because they found it overwhelming.

I told the latter to stop reading everything and or to feel ok to take a break, wasn’t going to hurt my feelings. I write first for me and then for everyone else.

Now I sit in a place in which I may produce one or a couple of posts a month with the odd time in which I pump out multiple posts in a week.

And for some reason I have received email from multiple people to let me know about broken URLS.

They always say they work for company XYZ and want to make sure my readers aren’t hurt by not finding the correct link.

And they are always tied to posts that are more than 10 years old.

Kind of odd to see such things but they seem legitimate.

Most of the time I simply delete the section with the broken link or the entire post because there doesn’t seem to be a solid reason for keeping it.

They weren’t particularly good posts and sometimes less is more.

Tends to happen more when I receive multiple emails pushing me to update, especially when they adopt a certain tone.

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