The Holidays of ’23

I could write about the holidays of ’23 as the time when the Jews of the world bonded because of rampant antisemitism and the massive amounts of gaslighting we have been experiencing.

Or I could go a different direction and tell you I am going nuts trying to keep my inbox relatively clean but am losing the battle.

I get too many newsletters that I actually want to read and too many that hold no interest but lack proper settings to adjust the frequency with which they come.

And by proper settings I mean I can’t adjust them solely by wishing them to be fixed.

That aggravates me because it means I have to take time to open and look for the unsubscribe button so that I can reach the field that adjust frequency.

Consequently I open them and find there is something there that interests me enough to think it might be worth keeping it a little while longer just to see if I am correct.

So the inbox fills far more rapidly but unlike snow or rain it doesn’t melt or evaporate, it just clogs my feed.

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