Time To Get Serious

I ate well over the holidays and had a feeling that I was getting myself into trouble but I ignored it.

It is my own fault. I had really turned things around and I felt like I was on a great track and then there was mix of my own cockiness and failure to remember I am not 25.

I could have gotten away with it then because I could make a few adjustments and turn it on at the gym and the body responded.

This body responds still, but not like it once did and not without accepting that we aren’t who we once were and can’t act like we still are.

So I did this to myself, not making excuses.

Am I being honest or am I being hard on myself?

The answer is yes to both and that is ok.
Turn It Around

I can still turn it around, we haven’t passed the land of no return but it is going to take some work. I am irritated with myself and having to be more concerned about some changes because of aging.

But it is a privilege, getting older that is and one that I need to treat better.

Starts today, guess we’ll see how it goes and go from there.

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