Things You Need To Know

I probably haven’t mentioned this in about ten minutes but the 2007 Weblog awards are going on and as usual there is the usual back and forth between bloggers. Let me share a few of the comments my competitors have made about yours truly.

From My Position said this:

Random Thoughts: Should win best blog in the world based on originality of name alone. Only links on blogroll are for jewish sites (No, Really!) and wrote at length about bagels.

Let’s help him out. The first person who captures him being pelted with bagels on video gets a pack of stale gum.

Acephalous said this:

My competition consists of dull political linkers and a hippie. I’ll whip the politicos no problem, but the hippie worries me, as he’s damn talented.

I was dissed by a man whose title refers to a lack of a head and I think refers to a worm, but I could be wrong.

The smack talk last year was better. You may recall that the bubblehead accused me of a being a drunk and suicidal Santa Claus. I can’t say that my response was all that funny, but you know me, I can’t just let something like that go by without comment.

Anyway, don’t forget to go vote for Mother in Israel and Treppenwitz in the Best Middle East and Africa Blog, Random Thoughts in the Best of the Top 2501 – 3500 Blogs, and Israel Matzav in the Best of the Top 251-500 Blogs.

Last Minute Thoughts

The Shmata Queen interrupted my breakfast to ask if it was really necessary to tell people that we were nominated for an award.

SQ: Do you blog for others or for yourself?
Me: Something tells me that you think I have some ‘splaining to do.

SQ: That is not an answer.
Me: Nope and it is not a question either.

SQ: Is it really necessary?
Me: What? That look you’re giving me.

SQ: We’re on the phone. You can’t see my face.
Me: I don’t have to. The tone of your voice gives it away.

SQ: It doesn’t matter what I say does it.
Me: Sure it does. Ask me a question.

SQ: Please tell me that I don’t hear you typing.
Me: Ok, you can’t hear me typing. (I love this Jedi mind trick thing.)

SQ: I really don’t want this to be on the blog.
Me: Dear, you know that I would never put this on the blog.

Something tells me that in a relatively short time I am going to hear about this. Hee hee. Say did I tell you that this blog is a finalist for the Weblog awards. Reach out and click someone, preferably the one that says Random Thoughts.

Ok, back to the serious business of last minute procrastinations prior to starting my weekend. The Sandmonkey has a link to the trailer for the new Rambo movie. You might wonder why I mention that, well here is why. If Stallone can still headline an action movie at 61 it means that I have another 30 years or so before I am actually middle aged.

Can’t wait to show those cocky 20 somethings at the gym. Speaking of those cocky 20 somethings I am scheduled to go play in an hour which means that I need to start stretching now. I can’t just run on the court and start playing anymore. Actually, that is not completely true. I can, but until I break that first sweat I don’t move so well.

It is kind of embarrassing to be slower than a Sleestak. Truth is that it doesn’t last long, once the blood starts pumping the legs start moving. It kind of feels like my internal transmission is slipping and then pow! The turbo kicks in. Ok, maybe it only works for short bursts but isn’t that really what you want to have happen. It is part of why I play half court.

This weekend is chock full of more activities than I like. There is a soccer game. 17 birthday parties, a Bar Mitzvah, visits to grandparents, assorted relatives and the dreaded trip to the mall.

The mall, Jack and the holiday season. It is a recipe for chaos and confusion not to mention a terrible headache. Maybe I’ll get in the car and start driving. If I leave now I just might have enough time to make a clean getaway.

Have a good weekend. I’ll see you all later.

We’re A Finalist In the 2007 Weblog Awards

Ok folks it is time for some shameless self promotion. This blog is a finalist in the 2007 Weblog Awards in the category of Best of the Top 2501 – 3500 Blogs.

The voting is now open. Click here to reach the polls. Feel free to vote for The Shmata Queen’s favorite blog, listed on your poll as Random Thoughts.

As an FYI some of my regular reads are also finalists:

Under the category of Best Middle Eastern Blog you’ll find :

A Mother in Israel
The Dry Bones Blog

Israel Matzav is a finalist in the Best of the Top 251-500 Blogs

The JIBs- Best Post

More often than not any time you see the abbreviation JIBs on my blog it is tied into some sort of criticism. This is one of those occasions in which it is not. Instead it is the inspiration for this semi-introspective post.

There is a category in the JIBs called “Best Post” that caught my attention. In particular what I was curious about was trying to identify what I think the best post I have written is. The hard part is that choosing among my posts is a bit similar to asking me to pick a favorite child. I can’t quite do it. I love all of my children…equally.

Ok, that is not entirely true. There are posts that are superior to others. There are posts that I am proud of and some that I probably should have nuked. That is probably not all that different from most bloggers.

Anyway, instead of making myself crazy trying to pick a favorite post I went to my default answer. Thanks to the magic of stats I am able to review the past three months and identify which posts have received the most attention. In order to really try and boil it down I eliminated videos, memes and the times I hosted Haveil Havalim from consideration and picked out the top ten most popular posts.

Here is what I came up with:

  1. What Are Your Favorite Song Lyrics?
  2. Today Is Link To Jack Day
  3. How to Make Hard Boiled Eggs
  4. Morality Without Religion- A Comment to The Self-Righteous
  5. Going Commando
  6. Why The Baal Teshuva World Irritates Me
  7. How Personal Should A Blog Be?
  8. The Day School Dilemma- Paying For Private School
  9. My Brother- A Lesson in Simple Physics
  10. What The Hell Happened to Courtesy

If you asked me if I would have picked any of these as being my best post I would say no, but I would also say that this is a decent sample set of the type of content you might find here. It is a mix of the absurd with a little serious and thought thrown in.

Does any of this really matter? Probably not.

Jews With Blogs Awards

I forgot to mention that Jameel received a prize in the illustrious JWB (Jews With Blogs) awards . You can find out more here. Or if the link doesn’t work try this URL: