I Still Want A Castle

I don’t know about you, but I still want to live in a castle. It would be so freaking cool. Of course I’d have my own suit of armor to wear.

I’d have it updated to fit with the times. It’d come with a plug for my iPod, spot for a DVD, GPS and some other bells and whistles.

I have Q working on it even as we speak.

In the interim I just might have to visit one of the Irish castles listed below.

Ashford: http://www.ashford.ie or 800-346-7007.

Belleek: http://www.belleekcastle.com/ or 011-353-96-22400.

Blarney: http://www.blarneycastle.ie or 011-353-21-438-5252.

Bunratty: http://www.shannonheritage.com/Bunratty_Day.htm or 011-353-61-360-788.

Dromoland: http://www.dromoland.ie or 011-353-61-368-144.

Humewood: http://www.humewood.com/ or 011-353-59-647-3215.

Knappogue: http://www.shannonheritage.com/Knappogue_Day.htm or 011-353-61-360-788.