This Will Not Inspire You

The Road Not Taken

There is a rhythm to writing and the more you do it the easier it becomes.

Lately life has been getting in the way of my words so I have found few minutes and moments in which to sit down and share these words you read here.

In a perfect world I would be say that the time away has helped me to recharge my batteries but the fact is that this is not so. In some ways I am more distracted and it is harder to focus the way that I want to on these words that I wish to write.

These distractions are part of why I haven’t written my eBook yet and why I haven’t figured out whether I am going to move my newsletter from AWeber to Mailchimp or another email service.

But your buddy Jack isn’t just a daddy blogger who writes about bad blog posts or ways to get back at bad roommates.

I don’t know about you but that is one of my favorite songs. It is one I can relate to and there is a good chance that I might use it for inspiration to write one of my stories.

Music is a never ending source of inspiration for me. If you are among the 17 long time readers you know this. There is always a song playing inside my head and often one playing on the stereo next to me.

If you invite me to your home I will always be interested in seeing what books music you own. There is magic in music and it is the kind of magic that I want my children to experience.

And I suppose it is fair to say that magic is part of why I write and why I am interested in other things that create moments filled with magic.

Three Things I Want To Do To Make More Magic

  1. I want to take some time off to go to culinary school to become a chef.
  2. I want to take photography classes.
  3. I want to be paid to get back into shape.

We’re going to jump on number three because I know that is going to be like an ear worm that some of you can’t get out your head. I almost wrote that I want to have sex for 368.5 days straight but that would send some of you in a different direction than getting paid to get back into shape.

OTOH having sex like that might very well take care of getting back into shape, but let’s not get caught up in that.

Instead let’s focus. I am serious…focus.

A man is allowed to have some dreams and I think it would be very cool for someone to pay for me to get back into shape. That would be my job and it would come with a personal chef and trainer.

Sadly it is not a real likely prospect so I need to make a few adjustments which is part of why going to culinary school would be cool.

English: Culinary Work - School of Hotel Manag...
English: Culinary Work – School of Hotel Management, Vels University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most of you don’t know that I like cooking and that it is not unusual to find me at the stove making a meal. I can do more than barbecue and bake, but I am intrigued and interested in the idea of learning how to do much more than I know now.

I am a guy who uses the Braille method of cooking. Most of what I do is by touch and feel. Ok, sight is involved too and we are all grateful for that.

My family likes my cooking as do most people I have cooked for, but that doesn’t mean I can’t learn more or become better. So why not do it.

I see a correlation between writing a story and cooking a meal. I like the idea of creating and they both have that in common.


I like taking photos and most of mine are alright intermixed with some pretty good, but again it could be better. Not only that these posts and stories that I tell would be so much stronger with the right artwork supporting them.

Not to mention that it ties in with my desire to create and tell stories.

Or maybe what I should be saying is that I see more possibilities that I want to turn into opportunities. Life is short and I am pushing harder than before to make mine into something offers many more magical moments.

I don’t need these things I mentioned to make magic and neither do you. Really all you need to do is open your eyes and be ready for them when they come, but I figure that even though I can make them happen without there is no reason not to try and include them.

I am Focused

It may not seem like it, but I am focused and actively working towards these things. What about you?


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