I Would Have Made It Dad


I Would Have Made It Dad.”

That line has haunted me for three days now. It was among the first things my son said to me after we spoke about Sandy Hook. It is part of what pushed me to write We Are Lucky because we are.

Flip through the pages and sort through the posts here and you’ll find plenty where I talk about being the bodyguard, the knight and the man who plays Secret Service agent. When the things that go bump in the night visit I am the one they ask to go check it out and I do so without question because it is part of being a father.

But fear of failure comes along with that and fear of the bad things that are outside of our control.

We talk to our children about what to do in case of fires, tornadoes and earthquakes because sometimes Mother Nature likes to remind us that she isn’t asleep. When I hear about people who lose their lives or homes because of natural disasters I feel badly, but I understand.

Natural disasters are..natural, at least in concept. We can debate whether man has created or contributed to some of these issues through global warming or building homes too close to the sea, but that is still something I understand.

School Shootings Are Beyond Me

School shootings are beyond me. I shouldn’t have to explain them nor be asked to, nor should anyone.

When I think about the look on my son’s face while he explained how close he sits to a door it hurts in a way I can’t quite explain. It is the kind of remark that would make those who know me smile because he sounds like me.

I am the guy who has the plan for all situations. Some of them are intentionally goofy, ask me how I would beat a gorilla in a fight and I can tell you. Ask me what would happen if I had to take on sharks and alligators and I can answer that too.

So part of me isn’t surprised to hear his answer because I would probably say something similar.

Yet I am infuriated and saddened to hear this because it should never come up in conversation.

Hope Outshines Horror

The thing is that when push comes to shove I firmly and unequivocally believe that hope outshines horror and that the world is filled with far more good than bad.

I recognize how naive this sounds and why some people won’t be able to buy into it. There are lots of reasons why you might not accept it but I think if you start to look at things you can find lots of reasons why you can.

Ultimately I am not here to convince you to believe as I do. All I can do is take care of my side of the street and do my best to raise good kids.

Life is what we make of it and much of that is contingent upon our attitudes about it.

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