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Putin links plane disaster to Al-Qaeda

“SOCHI, Russia : Russian President Vladimir Putin linked last week’s downing of two passenger airliners to the Al-Qaeda network and said it was evidence of the presence of international terrorism on Russian soil in Chechnya.

“The fact that an international terrorist organization linked to Al-Qaeda took responsibility for the blowing up of two planes shows once again the link between destructive elements in Chechnya and international terrorism,” Putin told reporters.”

Tom Clancy wrote a book that semi-predicted cooperation between the US and Russia in fighting terror. Don’t be surprised to see it happen.

It is also interesting to see what the French and Germans had to say on this:

Both Chirac and Schroeder gave Putin a wide berth in dealing with Chechnya, voicing support for what they described as his efforts to obtain a political solution to the separatist crisis there.

“A political solution is necessary and this is what Russia wants,” the French president said.”But a political solution has a limit,” he added.

“It is a limit that everyone can understand and that no one can seriously contest … the territorial unity of the Russian Federation”.Schroeder offered similar backing for Putin, saying that presidential elections held in Chechnya on Sunday “demonstrate that Russia wants a political solution” there.”

We will continue to look for a solution in critical solidarity,” the German leader added.

Should I wonder if they’ll lend the same support to Israel.

More about the technical diffculties or why does this look different

Ok, after a lot of hard work I have finally “restored” my Blog. My expertise does not lie in programming and I am not really a detail person, but when I decide to focus on something I can be “pit-bullish” in my determination to succeed.

And I was determined to figure out what the hell happened. I tried to to use the auto-install of Haloscan and that ^%$T^^%^ the whole thing up. And then I went bonkers along with the fercockteh computer and template trying to restore it.

So that is why you now see a very white interface. It was a whole process and I am pleased to pat myself on the back and say I figured it out myself. But I will likely not mess with this for some time again as that was a hassle. And if I do I won’t be so foolish as to not have made a clean backup so that I can correct my mistakes.

My apologies for the issue and now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Technical Difficulties

Hello Readers,

The shack is currently experiencing some technical issues. So if you see some funky stuff bear with us, we are working on resolving the problems.

More terrorism in Moscow

“MOSCOW – Explosions near a busy Moscow subway station in a shopping district Tuesday night killed six people and injured at least 20. The Itar-TASS news agency said authorities blamed a woman suicide bomber.

Initial reports said a single car blew up, but witnesses said they heard at least two explosions. The blast struck about 8:15 p.m. in an area between the Rizhskaya station and a nearby supermarket-department store complex.”

Ladies and gentlemen I expect to see the fighting between the Russian gov’t and the Chechen’s heat up real soon. Russia is still a member of the UNSEC, so don’t expect to see the UN do much in the way of preventing this.

Italian Surgeon Performs Ankle Transplant

Medical science consistently amazes me. This is very cool.