My Favorite Superheroes

Not that it matters, but I have been trying to come up with my favorite superhero. In part because I am bored, in part because I wonder if it provides any insight into my character and in part because….

Hmm, I need a third part, you can’t have a recipe that only uses two-thirds of the ingredients, or maybe you can.

The Dark Knight version of Batman always intrigues me. He doesn’t have any superpowers, just a very sharp edge and a dark side to go with it. He is most definitely not the campy version Adam West played and to me that just makes him more interesting. He is a maverick, a cowboy and a rogue. He plays by rules that are ill-defined and is unhappily constrained by laws and basic humanity.

Another character in a similar vein is Wolverine. Again similar characteristics and something that speaks to me.

If you listen to the people around you there are echoes of this desire to be able to act with impunity. More on this in a separate post.

Spiderman is another superhero that just makes me smile. Superpowers and superstrength are not enough to make him cool. He is just another shlub trying to make a buck, albeit one with superpowers.

I’d be remiss not to provide honorable mentions to Superman and the Hulk. I’d write more, but I am boring myself.

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