Shopping Carts & Special Talents

There are a lot of ways to mark the passing of time. Once you finish school it becomes even more challenging to mark defining moments in time. One moment that stands out for me took place in the Carter administration, or should I say during the time in which good ole Jimmy was president. Anyone remember “Billy Beer.”

This particular memory is tied into a T-Ball game. It was my second season playing the game. I loved it and I especially loved that my team was in the championship. What I didn’t love is that I made the final out of the game. It wasn’t totally my fault. I was forced out at third base, but that didn’t prevent this little boy from crying because he wasn’t fast enough to outrun the ball.

I tried so hard. I remember running as fast as I could, but it just wasn’t fast enough. I still remember the frustration I felt. I was upset. I was embarrassed and I was a little angry. So to make me feel better my father took me out for an ice cream cone. He listened to what I had to say and then explained that we all have special talents and that as I grew up I would learn all about that.

Well, I could make this a long post and give you a heartwarming tale about how this talk helped me grow and mature as a person, but I’ll spare you. Instead I want to share a couple of my special talents with you.

Talent Number 1

I am outstanding at locating a broken shopping cart. If there is a shopping cart that has a bad wheel I can guarantee that I will find it.

Talent Number 2

When it comes time to checkout I can promise that I will find the slowest line. It doesn’t matter if there is one person in a line or 100, my line will be the slowest.

Talent Number 2

In a public bathroom I can promise you that the first stall I choose will be devoid of toilet paper.

I do have other special talents, but I think that I have shared enough for now. What are some fo yours?

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