Posts That Lack Substance

I try not to waste my time complaining about other bloggers. Some of this is because of the old saw about people who live in glass houses should not throw stones and some of it is because I don’t expect that my words are going to affect any sort of change so I might as well focus my energy elsewhere.

Every now and then I break this rule. The most recent example is The Yeshiva Owes Your Parents a Refund in which I complained about some of the horrible writing I found on various Jblogs. The crimes against grammar and spelling are amongst my biggest complaints. I suppose that second on my list are those posts that seem to be completely devoid of logic and reason.

They’re usually political posts in which the author has gone on some sort of a rant about a topic. The problem isn’t just that the logic and and reason are missing or questionable, it is that they haven’t any factual support. There is not a grain of empirical evidence, not one shred of proof of their position other than their whining.

To be clear I am sure that in almost 5,000 posts you can find examples of this in my own writing. But my word, it just irks me to see this repeated over and over again. So if you are wondering why I no longer visit your little world it is because the province you occupy has proven to be more than dull and I have enough tedium in my life.

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