Post Election- Sour Grapes

“The election was stolen.”
“The people have proven themselves to be stupid.”
“He is not my president.”
“I am in disbelief. Americans deserve what they get.”
“He is going to destroy the country.”

Those are a small sample of some of the comments floating around the blogosphere regarding the election. I find them to be disappointing and in some cases disturbing but not necessarily surprising.

They mirror many of the comments that were made after the last election, only instead of coming from the left they are now coming from the right. You can call me naive or unreasonably optimistic but I am not real worried that the country is suddenly going to implode. There is more strength and fiber here than that.

It is disappointing that some people have to label those who disagree with them as being stupid. It is too bad that they don’t believe that someone could come to an educated decision that disagrees with their own perspective.

It is my hope that if you don’t like what happen you’ll suck it up and deal with it. I found eight years of listening to people constantly carp and bash Bush to be tedious. Many of those who yelled the loudest did the least to try and help change things.

I rather expect that we’ll see that happen again, but I hope not.

All this nonsense is what made me become an Independent. I don’t trust either party. They are both riddled with issues. So I suppose that I am going to continue to cross party lines and vote issue by issue. If that means that you continue to label me as a fencesitter, so be it. I am comfortable with it.

If I go through the archives I know that I wrote a similar post about the crap I heard after Dubya’s re-election. So now I am going to try and repeat some of what I said there.

There is no time like the present to try and help improve things. Get involved with your community. Help clean the beaches, wash away grafitti and do things to make life better in your town/village/city. Volunteer at a school and help teach kids to read.

Just get out and do something to make a difference. Cliche or not, it doesn’t take much to make a change, just a few people to try.

And now if you’ll excuse me I am going to climb down from my soapbox.

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