Why My BlackBerry is In The Refrigerator

As promised here is the light hearted tale of how I lost my BlackBerry and then discovered it inside the refrigerator. Old Jack made a deal today to get a little time to himself. I had or I really should say a ton of projects around the house to do and wanted a child free environment to work in.

Not that I do not love my children, but sometimes it is far easier to finish things in a timely fashion when I do not have to spend time as the referee for who gets to help dad. And the really hard part is that right now the dark haired beauty can’t do much of what her brother can. She is not tall enough or strong enough to assist on some of these things and she is not patient enough to learn the difference between a phillips and a flat head screwdriver.

And that is perfectly ok. I’ll teach her, but she is all of 4.5 so there is plenty of time.

Her older brother at eight has been helping me on and off with a variety of these things for a while and he loves doing it. That is not to say that the dark haired beauty doesn’t enjoy it also, but she does it more because she wants to do everything her brother does. Not to mention that the last time I found myself on a ladder she climbed up behind me and tried to stuff dolls in my pockets.

That brings us back to the big guy himself. Given the choice I usually will opt to include him on these projects. It is good for him to see and learn how this is all done. I want him to understand that I am not kidding about the work it takes to run a house. But sometimes there are time constraints or other things that make me more interested in handling things myself and today was one of those days.

By now you are probably wondering why I haven’t mentioned my BlackBerry and how it ended up in the refrigerator. So here is a little insight into how I work. The family left with the agreement that I would meet up with them later on. Part of that agreement involved my bringing along a couple of items that had been forgotten. Technically I suppose that is an addendum, but who cares.

Anyhoo, I went about my business and started to get lost in what I was doing I realized that I needed to write a note to myself to serve as a reminder to grab those missing items. However it just so happened that I realized this about the time I had to get into the shower. So instead of grabbing some paper and a pencil I went and stuck my BlackBerry in the refrigerator. If you haven’t figured it out the refrigerator happens to contain one of the items I have to bring.

I then took a fantastic shower and completely forgot where I had placed the damn thing. Spent a few minutes scratching my head and walking around the house with a perplexed look on my face when I came up with a brain storm.

Guitar Hero. I decided that I would play Guitar Hero for a few minutes. It’d clear my head and voila, I’d remember exactly where that sucker was stashed.

Well allow me to tell you what really happened. Instead of playing Guitar Hero for ten minutes I played for closer to an hour and ten minutes. That totally threw my schedule and I have spent a chunk of the day trying to recover the lost time. On a side note it I ever figure it out I am going to patent it and make a million dollars selling my solution on how to recover lost time.

But the good news is that even though I am running late I have my BlackBerry and the items I need to take. And now if you’ll excuse me I am off to do battle at Costco.

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