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The Life of a Writer- Thoughts

Sometimes the only reason to travel is for the gifts that it provides a writer. The opportunity to find yourself lost in a new world filled with mystery and adventure is indescribable, or so it seems to me. Thousands of miles from home I stare out the window and embrace the majesty of the scenery.

I love this mountain setting, green trees, hills and a lake. I love walking around a quiet town and discovering little shops and the people that run them. The lake calls to me, begs me to come immerse myself in it. Somewhere there are fish that wish to do battle with me.

Outside the sun has begun to warm the earth and my children are exposed to things, people and a place that I know in a different way. They walk and look around and find themselves granted a glimpse of something that their father loves.

Too young to appreciate what it means to me now there will come a day when they are old enough to understand that the way to see inside dad’s head is to spend some time in these places. They’ll follow the trails and in the silence learn some of what I find so beautiful.

Endless hikes that take us to places where you cannot hear cars, trucks or airplanes provide a setting that my beloved LA cannot match. There are multiple sides and levels to me- there are things that I want them to share with me but I don’t know how to do it other than in this manner.

Experience. That is the only thing I can offer that might provide the background and feeling that I want them to have.

In my dreams I often think that the life of a writer, the one that I could live would be like this. Trips to places both near and fat. Moments where we step into a different place, time and way of life. These things call to me. The idea of having a cabin in the woods where I can escape to do nothing but live and write is something that I want.

So as I sit here flinging out these silly musings I remind myself that I tell the children that part of living means trying to find a way to live your dreams and not dream your life. That is advice that I work on trying to follow myself.

I think that I am doing it. It may be slow, but I am finding ways to make it happen. And that progress makes me happy, makes me smile. Impatient though I may be, it is good to know that I can live the way I teach my children to.

It has been fun kids. Enjoy….

The Pain of The Present- Video Doesn’t Lie

Video doesn’t lie, but I sure wish that it did. Been traveling with one of them handy-dandy Flip video camcorders. Been a recording fiend, taking all sorts of videos of the kids doing this and that. Later I sneak onto to the computer and play with it. Editing clips, adding music and turning the raw footage into something a little bit more exciting.

It is something that I enjoy quite a bit, this editing stuff. The videos are just a different medium I use to create. They serve as another tool that I can use to express myself and I love that.

But they also lend irrefutable proof that I am not 25 anymore. The man I see on the video looks…old. He looks like one of those fathers I used to say that I’d never become. He is not as smooth and graceful as he appears in my mind. He needs to go on a diet because his health is too important.

That is not to say that he is morbidly obese or hideously repulsive. Most people wouldn’t say that and he wouldn’t care if they did. But his ego is far too large to allow for this to continue. If it wasn’t would he continue to speak of himself in the third person. I doubt it.

What can I say. I don’t like seeing myself on camera anymore. Dad looks like a dad and I don’t like it. So the realy question is what am I going to do about it. Will I be content to make fun of myself in a blog post or will I take action.

Well, action is always preferable so inaction so now it is time to prove that words have weight behind them, no pun intended. Time to to buck up and part of that means getting a decent night’s sleep. See you in the a.m.

The Family Vacation- Losing My Mind

Let’s pretend that it is not quite the witching hour but that it is quickly approaching. We’ll ignore that after a week on the east coast I haven’t adjusted to the time zone. It is not because I can’t or as if I am suffering from jet lag because I am not. Can’t really say why I haven’t just, that I am operating in a different place that lies somewhere in the twilight zone.

We’ll spend a moment talking about the week that was and how cool it was to see my nieces and nephews. We’ll talk about how Uncle Jack was in rare form and why my sisters loved/hated having me live with them. We’ll tell stories about endless hours at the lake and at the pool. Share memories of making s’mores, Rocky Mountain Toast and stories I told about when we were little boys and girls.

And I’ll share my frustration of having very little privacy and how I am far less tolerant of some things than I used to be. It is not so easy living in a house that is not your own. My sisters are great hostesses and do a wonderful job of making you feel comfortable and wanted. But still it is not my place and I have to adjust to different ways of doing things. Not always so easy.

While we stroll down memory lane we’ll take a look at a 300 mile car trips that took far longer than it should have. We’ll talk about being forced to park on the freeway for 1.5 and how crazy it was. Might even talk about the children and their requests to use the facilities.

Under normal circumstances you’d merely exit the freeway and find a convenient restroom. Not so easy when traffic stops, people exist their cars and mill about aimlessly.

And many hours later you too might find yourself typing in a dark hotel room. You might look to your left and see a ten year old boy sleeping diagonally in the bed that you are supposed to share with him. And you might wonder how you are going to possibly sleep with him practicing Krav Maga in  his sleep. Or more importantly wonder how many new aches and pains will materialize after such a night.

Fercockteh Commenting System

I finally gave up on DISQUS. They have a commenting system that I thought was really going to supercharge things here but they never managed to get it together. More than five years of Blogger comments lie trapped in limbo. They promised to help rescue them but never managed to get it done.

In the interim I gained new comments on DISQUS and comments from readers that they couldn’t make the damn system work.

So because I am a glutton for punishment I installed Intense Debate. It appears to be superior to Blogger’s native commenting system so I am giving it a run. Unfortunately due to time constraints I wasn’t able to do the normal testing and QA that I like to run so for the next day or so there may be a few glitches.

My apologies. With a little luck we’ll get that all squared away sooner than later or maybe not.

One of these day I really will move this all to my own domain on a WordPress blog, but we haven’t quite hit that point yet. In the interim keep the faith true believers and I’ll see you on the other side.

Why oh Why Would Someone Search For This

Mark this down as being among the most disturbing search terms ever to come up on my blog:

the meaning of the cookie monster sexually

If you google that you will find me, second link from the top. Oy, why oh why.