Sex, Lies & Blogging- The Post That Went Viral

In the time it took you to read these words 1,983,983 other people pointed, clicked and surfed away from this cyber oasis. They left because they weren’t captivated, compelled or interested in anything they saw here.

The headline failed to hold their attention. They weren’t interested in hearing about being a dad blogger or reading the words I have written about blogging. They don’t care about tales of parenting or stories that may or may not be fiction.

Bam, I just lost another 459,984 potential readers. I guess I better offer something substantial so that those people with short attention spans can stick with it.

Those posts above are part of an incomplete collection or words I have written about blogging. It is a collection of thoughts, ideas and general advice for how to be a better blogger/writer.

Some of those posts really are worth reading. I didn’t link to them solely for you because I like to revisit them. I like to see if I have changed, evolved, and or grown. I like to remember. I like to review. It is a way to see if I have grown, not as a person but as a writer.

Building Connections

We are building connections, you and I. We’re taking a journey together down country roads and through mountain passes. Some of you will picture us heading towards Mount Doom to destroy the ring and others will see us rafting down the mighty Mississippi River. I am Huck Finn and you’re Tom Sawyer, or maybe it is reversed.

Doesn’t really matter, not as long as you identify with these words.

I ask you if you know what brings you joy and what makes you happy. I tell you that I feel like the universe is sending me signs and messages and then in the next breath say that I don’t believe in that kind of stuff.

I wonder out loud what happens when you get what you want. If I was completely fulfilled would I be the same writer. Let’s face it, some of my best stuff comes when I am really happy/sad/angry/scared. Damn, that makes me sound unhinged and kind of crazy, doesn’t it.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Of The Blogosphere

Some of you have discovered that not all that glitters is gold. Some of you are concerned because you have come across frauds, con artists and charlatans. You are angry, upset and concerned about whether you can trust those you meet online.

The answer is that we are all the same here as in the real world.  Perhaps it is better to say that some people will lie, cheat and steal from you in person or online. It is not nice, pleasant or good but it is real.

You need to pay attention. You need to make the best decisions you can based upon the information you have. If you go through my posts and my links you’ll see that I write about the boundaries of blogging.

I wonder about what lines should be drawn and where they should exist. You read the words I share with you and gain some insight into me. If you listen to my audioposts or watch my videos you learn more, but only a little.

That is not necessarily because I am guarded and cautious but because there are limits to what I share. And because sometimes I do a poor job of expressing myself or because you are in a hurry and you misunderstand.

Doesn’t matter what the cause is. What matters is that you pay attention. What matters is that you remember that there are real people mixed in here and that there are lots of good people online.

The generosity and goodness is heartwarming. If you ask for help you will find it. But it is always best to keep in mind that people remember how you made them feel. That is something I try to focus on. That is because I am a Taurus and we don’t always have such a gentle nature.

The Write Words

Every day I do my best to share the write words written right. Every day I hope that my posts go viral and that my children will see that being a daddy blogger is one way of turning dreams into reality.

It all started with a few keystrokes and the desire to do more than pound the pavement. There are days when I want to murder my blog. Moments of madness where I look at these words and wonder if I shouldn’t start over.

But I don’t. I don’t because of you who comment and you who don’t. I don’t because I have spent years saying that if you sustain your effort good things happen.

3,983 more people just pointed, clicked and moved on to the next place- but others didn’t. Others didn’t because they saw something here that resonated with them. They read your comment and decided to see why you said what you said. So they read my posts and bookmarked my blog and surfed over to your place.

And then they told a few friends who told a few friends, who told a few friends and suddenly we both saw amazing things happen. None of this takes place in a vacuum. We are all walking down this road….together.

Thank you again to all who have been my traveling companions. If you have read this far I would love for you to share a thought or two in the comments, especially those of you who spend most of your time lurking.

Thank you again, your presence here means more than you know.

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