What Does Your Blog Say About You?

I make a point to review my “About Me” page quarterly. There is no science behind that number. It just made sense to me to check it on a semi regular basis to see if it tales the kind of tale I want it to tell.

Every so often I need to look at it and make sure that it is in sync with the goals I have in place. I take some time to read the description I wrote about myself and the blog and take a look at the posts I linked to.

There are 14 posts listed below. My stats show that my “About Me” page is among the most heavily trafficked pages on my blog. So I need to ask myself if the 14 posts below are telling a story that I still want told.

As the year goes by I try to make a point to note any posts that blow up. If I have something that is really popular be it comment and or pageviews  I will often include it. But I also make a point to grab posts that I think are examples of my best writing.

So here I am, evaluating it all again. It is well after midnight so I am not going to make a decision about these links now or those that aren’t included, but I expect I will make a decision soon.

  1. A Father Describes Parenting
  2. A Father’s Burden
  3. Inside the Blogger’s Studio- A Dream, Er Nightmare
  4. The GermoPhobe
  5. What I Dream About
  6. I am In Love
  7. Becoming a Dad
  8. Grandpa
  9. Donuts
  10. Save The Last Dance For Me- 75 Years of Marriage
  11. An Uncertain Certainty
  12. Four Generations & A Wedding
  13. The Best Thing My Father Ever Said To Me
  14. 1 Foolproof Way To Become a Better Writer

Are there posts that aren’t included here that you think should be?

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  1. SueBursztynski says:

    @rainyofthedark @thejackb So, what DOES your blog say about you?

    • TheJackB says:

      @SueBursztynski @rainyofthedark It says quite a bit. Father, son, grandson, friend, professional, writer- not necessarily in that order. 😉

  2. Quarterly? Wow, I do it once a decade…don’t wanna look back! JUST KIDDING…Hey JB, you’re getting a great # of comments lately…yipes, you don’t need me!

  3. I haven’t reviewed my about page in years. I guess it’s time to do it, right now.
    Thank you for reminding me 🙂

  4. I’ve had this bookmarked for quite a while now, with the intention of going back to it and reviewing my About Page in light of what Michael says in his video here http://remarkablogger.com/2011/09/26/about-page-freelance-sales-weapon/
    He also gives a few examples of About pages that he likes.
    I haven’t revisited it for a while now, but plan to as I tweak my own site. Perhaps you’ll find something of interest in what he has to say. I’m not promoting or advocating it: I just remember bookmarking it for reference, and your post today brought it back to mind. Cheers! Kaarina

    •  @KDillabough That is good. There is some solid advice in there that I need to incorporate into my page.

      •  @TheJackB Yes, as I recall, there were quite a few suggestions that resonated with me. Now I just need to get back there, re-visit and make the necessary changes:) Glad you found it helpful

    •  @KDillabough Thanks, Kaarina. For fun I checked it out, too. Then I went to my About page and actually saw it differently after watching his video. Made sense. Spent some time changing things around. 

    • rdopping says:

       @KDillabough Watched it. Makes some sense. The links are actually good too.

  5. rdopping says:

    So true! But I have to ask. Why would you change who you are (asked facetiously)? Yeah, a good idea as your blogging evolves. We just updated ours and it makes wayyyyy more sense now. Thanks Kaarina Dillabough for your thoughts on it.

  6. zjrosenberg says:

    Or even better, just make your “About Me” page about someone else, like Abraham Lincoln. That’ll teach ’em.

  7. 🙂 I remember being stuck with my About Me page long ago, even though I wrote it for  my clients and friends and seemed to do a great job of it. Then I figured I’d just do a list “About Me” – looked like a good idea and easy to update.
    I’ve read some of the 14.
    But you ‘ave a point. Review is always good. 🙂

  8. Amiegr8tstuff says:

    @LynnetteLabelle @TheJackB mine says i never blog! LOL. except for my recent good news! guess i better blog more now!

  9. Hi Jack,
    Good discipline in reviewing the About page yearly. There is so much in keeping up a blog, isn’t there? Reviewing the goals is important too.Thanks for the reminders.

  10. Good point about checking your about page quarterly. I check it less frequently than that, but I have had occassion to update the page. It’s likely due for another update soon, so I am catching up to your quarterly update schedule.

    •  @richescorner It is one of those pages that we write and forget about so I figure it makes sense to try to make a point to check in every so often.

  11. I think I want someone who knows my well to write my About Me page. That would be fun. I hate writing about myself!!

  12. As I posted last week; sometimes you don’t know what the trigger is to increase traffic; catchy title, funny pic, availability of your readers, etc. However, in your heart, you know the ones you would consider your better works.

    •  @bdorman264 I agree Bill, the ones ripped right from your heart aren’t always the ones that  “perform” so to speak. Do you think that should be the Golden Goal ( @thejackb ?) to have the one you feel best about be the also the one that performs?

      •  @Lori  @bdorman264 It would be ideal to see the posts you like best receive the most traffic/comments/attention but it often doesn’t work that way.

    •  @bdorman264 Sometimes there isn’t any rhyme or reason to it. My goal is to try to always feel good about what I have produced. If I can walk away feeling like I took a good crack at it I can rest more easily.

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