Cookie Monster Provides Practical Solutions To Challenges You Face

You might not know that the fuzzy blue monster with the googly eyes does more than sing, but he does. He provides practical solutions to things that you might find challenging.

Don’t believe me? Fine.  We’ll wait while you go check out:

Watch Cookie Monster Cure Writer’s Block

I admit to being somewhat biased. In the interest of transparency I confess that Old Googly Eyes and I have a friendship that goes back more than 40 years. Not to mention that we share a love for cookies.

Confession: we once had a massive fight about a box of cookies. It was ugly, but that is what happens when you pit a monster against a hungry blogger.

Second confession: I admit to having been somewhat jealous of him. I spent hours in the gym working on turning this body of mine into the kind of temple women wanted to worship at. I had some success, but not like him.

Dude walks into a room and instantly gets the attention of all of the people in there. Strangers insist on hugging him and ask him out on dates. I didn’t think it was fair.

I was ripped. My abs made the soloflex guy jealous. I had arms that were cut and I was certain that I would do better against a fuzzy blue monster whose body is less than pristine. But I didn’t. It was hard.

Maybe that is when I started to realize that personality goes along way or maybe it was when he auditioned for Saturday Night Live, I am not really sure.

What I can tell you is that I learned from these experiences. It was hard, but well worth the lessons.

I made a point to try to be friendlier and kinder to those I encountered. I stopped making fun of cleveland and celtic fans.

Ok, I didn’t completely stop but I don’t do it every day. Wouldn’t be fair now would it. The land of the burning river just can’t help itself and those celtic fans aren’t the smartest tools in the shed.

Within the blogosphere I tried to make a point to go visit my fellow bloggers. I stopped spending as much time here and started to focus elsewhere.

When I went to see the other bloggers I tried to ask them how they were doing. I worked on paying attention to what they were saying so that I could be a better friend.

Suddenly Jack Hits The Reset Button

Ok, there isn’t  a reset button for me to hit but if there was I would hit it. That is because I want you to know some things. I like being silly and insouciant but I try to never forget that there are real people out there reading these things.

In the latest copy of the newsletter I shared some thoughts about community and the importance of building relationships. I said that if we want people to read our words we should work on building relationships with others and creating community.

If we do it well we find that people are willing to give us their time and that is precious. I will probably blog about it. I will probably write a post that isn’t tongue and cheek, but I couldn’t do it now.

That is because sometimes it is important to be silly and to not take all this blogging crap so seriously. When I say that social media is about people it is based upon my experience as a blogger and a person.

I know what I like to see in other blogs and what people tell me they like to see in my blog.

So sometimes you get goofy posts. Sometimes you get a few typos or grammatical errors, but not many.

But the reason and purpose behind that is to give you a bit of me. It is so you see there is an ordinary man sitting here at this keyboard. Just another father sharing the journey with those who are willing to walk with him.

Overall I think it is working pretty well. I think we are learning and that something magical is happening here. I hope you feel it because I do.

Got to run for a bit because all those videos of Old Googly Eyes have given me quite a hankering for a cookie. Back soon.

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