There Is A Difference Between Best & Most Popular

I never suffer from writer’s block but I sometimes struggle with finding the appropriate words to use in the posts you read here.

That is because this joint is a cross between a personal and business blog so the readership isn’t always prepared to find some of my more colorful language on display.

During the Jurassic period of my blogging adventure I never worried one whit about what expressions I used because I was writing solely for me, but things have changed a bit and so has my approach.

So when I say some of you need to invest in remedial reading courses to work on your comprehension it is my attempt to be more polite because in the old days I would have quoted Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam and said “You are in more dire need of a blowjob than any white man in history.”

My good friend Inigo Montoya does an excellent job in The Princess Bride of expressing some of the consternation and disdain I feel for some of you, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Words Have Power and Significance

This really isn’t supposed to be a rant so we’ll stop talking about people who will read those words and smirk because they aren’t smart enough to realize who they are really directed at and will move on to the power of words.

More specifically let’s address the plethora of “Top Ten Post” lists that are being pumped out around the blogosphere now.

Since we are days away from 2013 it is not unusual to see many bloggers adopt a more reflective stance in which they talk about what they wish they had accomplished or what they hope to do in 2013.

Nor is it unusual to see bloggers review their ‘Top Ten Posts” of the year.

Whenever I see these posts I think about the difference between Best and Most Popular.

What Is The Difference?

The method that many bloggers use for determining what their top ten posts are is usually predicated upon which posts received the most traffic and or comments. That doesn’t always translate as to “best” because in many ways it is most similar to “popular.”

I don’t know that there is any real significance or substance to the distinction other than sometimes I look at my “top ten” and see posts that I don’t think were my best. Sometimes they are very good posts but they aren’t always what I consider to be my best.

I wrestle with this sometimes because I am not always certain what I consider to be my best. In some ways it is a bit like being asked to choose favorite child.

There Is Nothing Wrong With The List

There is nothing wrong with having a top ten list. The reality is that it is useful information that you can leverage to help build your blog. And with that I am pleased to share you with a list of what Google Analytics says were among the most popular posts here between January 1 and December 26, 2012.

FWIW, that may include posts that were written prior to 2012. Sometimes they get picked up by StumbleUpon or linked to from other sources that drive buckets of traffic.

  1. A Letter To My Children-2012
  2. What Happens To Your Facebook Account When You Die
  3. Jesus Hates Tim Tebow & 17 Other Reasons Why Your Blog is a Failure
  4. There Are No Coincidences
  5. Two Things That Are Killing Twitter
  6. The Pinterest Predicament & The Rule Of Four
  7. The Etiquette of Unfriending
  8. She Doesn’t Want To Break His Heart
  9. The 100 Year Old Penny
  10. Sometimes Fathers Fail
  11. An Uncertain Certainty
  12. 1 Foolproof Way To Become a Better Writer

A List of 12

Yep, there are 12 items in that list and not ten. That is what happens when you hang out with the big rebel of the blogopshere. 😉

On a serious note I am thinking about going through all of the posts I wrote this year to see which ones I really think were my best. It kind of sucks when they don’t get the same “play” as some of the others.

There are much bigger problems to have, but I figure it can’t hurt to spend a little time there.

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