The 132nd Best Posts About Blogging


Yeah, it is not Monday anymore. It is Tuesday morning but that sort of sums up what kind of Monday it was in some regards. One of these days we’ll have to have a conversation about the value and importance of having someone you trust to talk to about anything.

In the interim we’ll use the goofy headline above to talk about blog tricks we long time bloggers use when we’re short on time. This post is a good example.

I don’t have enough time to write the way I want to but I need to put something new up. So what I am doing is grabbing a selection of posts about blogging and encouraging people to read them.

When you have built some trust with your readers this works pretty well and it also gives you a chance to breathe new life into posts that have been collecting dust in the archives.

Ready? Here We go:

Posts That Will Help You Become A Better Writer/Blogger

Back later my friends. Share your thoughts and comments. And yes, I still want to be James Bond.


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