Sometimes Life Gets In The Way Of Blogging- Google + Edition

Ship Garthsnaid, ca 1920s

I don’t know about you but sometimes life gets in the way of blogging. Got a few unexpected changes that cropped up here and it is occupying a lot of the empty space that is located between my ears.

Life has taught me to expect change and to understand that though I always handle whatever comes my way I prefer to take change on in bite size pieces and not the giant chunks that have been given to me.

Those monster pieces lead to all kinds of gagging and choking and that is not a whole lot of fun.

Change Is Constant

My daughter is pretty good about just rolling with the punches but my son doesn’t particularly like change which I suppose is a gift he got from me.

In many ways we’re creatures of habit who feel more comfortable when some of our expectations about where we live, what we eat and what is going on are not turned upside down and inside out.

And that is what has me a bit fershimmeled now, everything is being turned upside down and inside out.

But there is some excitement and joy that comes with it. There is this sense of opportunity and new beginnings that comes with change and I like that.

Change and Blogging

Blogging is a dynamic environment that is always filled with change and I enjoy staying abreast of the new developments here too.

Maybe that is part of why I enjoy tweaking the blog so often and making changes. Sometimes it can be frustrating because there are technical issues that crop up.

The move back to Livefyre has created a few hiccups that I am still working on. I am still missing some older comments and there are a couple of other hurdles to deal with.

But I am really enjoying the addition of Google Plus comments. It is increasing engagement and extending my reach. It is still relatively new but thus far I have virtually no complaints.

If anything the sole concern is that for the moment the notifications about  new comments is kind of rough so I have to make sure I check recent posts.

The Most Frustrating Part Of Blogging

Ultimately when I flip through the pages of the blog and think about what I have learned some things haven’t changed. The Most Frustrating Part Of Blogging for me hasn’t really changed from what I covered in the previous link.

And it all comes back to trying to figure out how to keep life from getting in the way. It is all tied into trying to figure out how if there is a way to make more effective use of my time and where I want to focus my energy.

But I am hopeful and optimistic that some of these changes I mentioned above will provide some clarity and answers. I am not waiting for the click like I was because it happened.

Or maybe I am.

Maybe that was the prelude to what comes next. Maybe it was the introduction to something bigger and this restlessness I feel is because something amazing is about to happen.

I am not entirely sure, but if our attitude about life is tied into how things work out than I feel pretty good because my sense is that the best is yet to come.

What about you? What do you have to say about life, this post or A-Rod? Do you care? Does it matter? Will you celebrate with me when my Dodgers win it all?

Let me know in the comments.

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