569 Reasons Why Mommy Bloggers Are Jealous Of Dad Bloggers


It is a few minutes after 11 PM in Texas and the thermostat says it is about 92 outside on a partially cloudy and moonlit night.

Got a cold Shiner Bock in hand and a thousand words begging to flow from fingertip onto the page and you want to know is the headline another example of linkbait or am I trying to start a fight with mommy bloggers.

Some of you might suggest that doing so is asking for trouble I don’t need and that while it may not be the sort of blog sabotage my friend Geoff discussed it is rife with potential problems.

Writers Write and Bloggers Blog

Writers write and bloggers blog and I am both. I am a writer who got lost and forgot about his love for words until it was restored via blogging.

I am a dad blogger who hasn’t been afraid to ruffle feathers and has asked hard questions about how things work and wondered whether Babble, Blogworld and all sorts of brands spend enough time doing their due diligence, meaning have they taken time to vet the people they work with or is it some sort of nepotistic cabal of collusion.

Ignore that last line, it was stupid but it is my blog and I don’t feel like killing my darlings now because sometimes I just want to write.

And that means that I don’t always play all the reindeer games with the others and that might be part of why I have sometimes missed out on opportunities. But even though I am a cranky curmudgeon there are moments where my ego has been bruised because I didn’t make a list or end up being asked to do something.

Does Any Of This Really Matter?

Does any of this really matter? Probably not.

I blog because I love to write and have enormous satisfaction from writing fiction like you see in this category, from taking time to mention things like the Enola Gay, and of course chronicling the lives of my children.

And let’s not forget that I successfully monetized the blog and in addition to having earned a couple of bucks from doing this I have made many friends and had some experiences I never would have otherwise had.

The Rules For Being Human

I really like the graphic above and have used it in several posts because it makes sense to me. I don’t always like or agree with what is written there, but most of the time I shrug my shoulders because it doesn’t matter if I agree with all of them.

What I like about it is that it is applicable to everything in life. It covers both personal and professional and right now that is big for me because there are more upheavals.

One of the things blogging has helped me with is gaining a better understanding of myself. Posts like this are a reminder to me to roll with the big changes because most of them work out pretty well.

And the reason they work out well is because I make an effort to make them work out.

Doesn’t mean it isn’t a mix of scary and exciting because it is, but it never hurts to have a history to look at.

When Do You Figure It All Out?

My son came home from his Bar Mitzvah tutor the other day and asked me when I figured it all out and I tried not to choke.

I paused for a minute to consider what sort of fatherly wisdom to pass along. I could tell him about blogging and talk about pageviews, unique users, the importance of engagement, demographics and why some people don’t understand what is significant.

Thought about steroids in baseball and considered talking about how it used to be a big deal to his 30 home runs or more in a season and how that changed.

Almost talked about how I enjoyed flying in the pre-911 days when security wasn’t an issue and you could just have fun.

And then I opted to say that when you figure it all out life happens and you realize that much of what you thought you knew is insignificant and that much of what you thought worthless is exceptionally important.

Some of it can be painful to learn, but if you open yourself up there is more joy than anything else.

P.S. I’ll leave the conversation about whether the toilet seat should be left up or down for a different day.

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