A Dad Blogger Teaches You To Cook the Perfect Steak- A Post People Will Read

Dad can cook, clean and parent.

Dad can cook, clean and parent.

Five days ago you and I talked about Triberr And The Challenge Of The Twitter Thank You and I watched as traffic exploded.

Some of it was because it is a timely subject and some of it was because Mark Schaefer linked to me in a post he wrote about the same topic.

Initially this post was supposed to talk about what happens when a popular blogger links to your post(s) and how to take advantage of the opportunity to convert new visitors into subscribers/readers but there are a million posts out there that deal with that already.

So then I was going to write about the best way to become a billionaire while blogging but that kind of bored me too, because the answer is so simple.

How do you become a billionaire while blogging? Win a billion bucks.

How To Cook The Perfect Steak Is Far More Interesting and Practical

If you want to write posts that generate comments and traffic than all you need to do is blog about blogging. Write about social media and use titles like How To Monetize Your Blog, How To Write Headlines That Work or 18 Ways To Publish A Successful Ebook.

That is low hanging fruit and I guarantee you that some of the bloggers who are sharing those “powerful Ebooks” are rookies who have barely been blogging and are just jumping on the bandwagon.

Maybe one day I’ll write an Ebook about how to become a dad blogger but right now I am more interested in just writing and in continuing to build a community.

Community interests me, they evolve and you see people come and go. After almost 10 years here there are only a handful that have been with me from the start.

Maybe it is because the others got bored with my blog and or decided that it didn’t provide the same value anymore. That is cool with me, no one is obligated to stay but if you go remember that there are blog cancellation fees. 😉

So maybe the best way to protect and prevent losing readers is to share valuable information like how to cook the perfect steak. BTW, that is not intentional keyword stuffing, it is heading towards midnight in Texas and this old man is tired.

Blogs and Bloggers Evolve

Blogs and bloggers evolve and if they didn’t I think it really would be sad. Evolution is growth and if you aren’t growing, than what are you doing? Maybe you are trapped in cleveland.

Speaking of growth it has been sort of a bizarre week for me.

The kids went back to school last week and for the first time in their lives I wasn’t there to be a part of it. That is because they are still in Los Angeles and I am here in Texas.

It is supposed to be a temporary thing, a transition for all of us. I am here for work and they will eventually join me but not until next summer so for now I head back to LA as often as I can.

But it is not easy to try and help with homework over Skype or to be  the sort of father I want to be from here. If I were in the service it would be similar to being deployed, but I am not.

My MOS is civilian and my objective is the same as every other parent, to give my kids the best life possible so moving here for work makes sense, but it is not always easy.

And life experiences are a big part of what makes a blog and a blogger evolve so consider this part of my evolution.

The Bachelor Lifestyle- Cooking

I have always enjoyed cooking but it has been a while since I have done as much of it as I have had to do this last year. It has been a lot of fun and my only complaint is that I hate having to do the dishes.

Anyhoo, one of the things that I have enjoyed doing is finding useful YouTube videos like the one below that provide a quick overview for cooking a meal.

I have cooked a lot of steaks in my life, but almost all of them have been on my grill and since that is back in L.A. I have been doing the stove top thing.

And with that my friends I bid you good night, hope you enjoy the video.

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  1. Gina August 20, 2013 at 5:23 am

    I understand the cancellation fee but are we charged for reading interruption? I haven’t visited my favorite blogs all summer and I am trying to make the rounds to reconnect. While norhing beats the taste of a bone-in ribeye from the grill (and I grill year round here), I have seared them too. I guess I just love steak. And I love Gordon, too! You’re a great dad! Good luck to the kiddies. One of mine gone since last week. Knucklehead leaves tomorrow! Excited for some quiet!!!

    • Jack August 20, 2013 at 11:11 am

      Knucklehead leaves tomorrow? It is not nice to talk about daughters that way. 😉

      A good steak is one of my favorite meals, never gets old. Hope you had a great trip, maybe you’ll blog about it.

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