The Finish Line Isn’t As Close As You Think

If you look hard you can see a  railing and a bench on the hillside. They are located in the Topa Topa mountain range and they overlook a valley.

I helped build and install the bench and railing. Unless my memory is completely shot (and it is not) the bench and railing were part of a number of construction projects I was a part of in the early 90s. You can figure that as being about ’92 so and as you can see from the date on the photo they are still there.



Sadly not all of the stuff we built is still standing but those items in the photo above are and that makes me smile. I have some great memories from that time that include not just the building/installation but time spent using the bench. Hopefully many others have enjoyed it too.

The End Of The Year Is Near

The end of the year is near. It is close enough to see but you can’t quite touch it yet. Been thinking about it a bit. Been thinking about how it feels a bit like we have been running a marathon and how some people start to coast when the finish line is within sight.

Been thinking about my days as a competitive swimmer and how the coaches always taught us to finish strong. Been thinking about how they told us not to coast in because the hard charger in the lane or lanes next to you might have enough left to over take you.

Never want to lose a race that way, never want to let over confidence kill the victory because you left off the gas peddle.

Been thinking about the drive to succeed and the push to do more than, to be more, see more, achieve more and how that applies here.

Been thinking about how hard it becomes to sit still, do nothing and just be.

Been thinking about how that is a problem because sometimes you need to shut it down and recharge your batteries and if you can’t stop you can’t ever benefit from the joy that comes with being alone with yourself.

Finish As You Started

I talk to the children about the importance of finishing what you  started and finishing as you started. We talk about what we want from life and how that relates to our willingness to work for it.

And on the verge of the new year I am starting to think about what 2013 was like for us and if it did what I wanted it to. Been thinking about whether I’ll look back fondly on part, some or all of this year.

Been thinking about it and reminding myself to finish strong, don’t want to lose the race at the end.

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  1. Brian D. Meeks December 28, 2013 at 5:55 am

    I sort of needed to read this post. I’ve been feeling a little run down by a year of constantly pushing to find readers. December has found me shutting it down a bit as I’ve run out of gas.

    I’d consider it a good year, but just as you say, the finish line isn’t here yet and I need to find the strength and enthusiasm to put in the same amount of effort for 2014.

    Thanks for the pep talk.

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