Someone Tell Kinnear I Love Non Sequiturs


Someone tell Kinnear I love Non Sequiturs and that if he wants I can put him in a post. Could make him the roommate in One Slightly Used Pump For Sale but he seems like a nice guy and that would be a hell of a way to treat a man from Utah.

Billy Joel is singing And So It Goes and I am sitting at a desk with two laptops.

Both work and personal are open now because I am on deadline and I need to finish one of those posts that pay the bills. Would focus on it right now except my mom just told me she is having surgery.

Seems she has a polyp that the doc must remove because even though it is non cancerous now it might not always be so kind.

Boundaries In Blogging

I probably shouldn’t have written as much about mom as I did there because she wouldn’t want everyone to know about this so I’ll leave it as it stands.

Just enough meat there for you to know something but not enough detail for you to know it all.

In truth I don’t know why she would care or not care but I’ll err on the side of caution and say it is surreal to me to see my parents aging.

It is not unusual or unexpected but you always assume ma and pa are going to hang around with you for a really long time. Doesn’t matter how old you are or how aware you are of the old circle of life either.

When I look at my folks I can see who they used to be and remember them when they were young but I have to focus on it now because they have reached a place where they clearly aren’t young any more.

And they don’t always act like it either.

The things they complained about my grandparents doing have become a part of their lives and so I recognize that it means that my own position on the old ladder has changed.

Makes me think of a Foosball table, instead of third line I am up at second.

Aretha Franklin

Aretha has taken over for Billy and she is singing “I Love You” and I am thinking that the five minutes I took to write this has cleared my mind and now I have to return to work.

So while you go back to your normally scheduled programming I’ll pump out some content that isn’t as much fun as the pump story but it pays a lot better so I’ll take it.

Might be back later on, moving day is tomorrow and I have a lot to do.

Side note, today I proved that even though 45 is around the corner the old man can still move furniture like nobody’s business. Don’t know why that matters much other than I guess with mom going into surgery it is reassuring to feel like my body is still doing what I want it to do…mostly.

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  1. John Kinnear February 13, 2014 at 5:47 pm

    I sing “And So It Goes” to my daughter every night before bed. It is one of our favorite songs. Also, checking off “Be mentioned in a JackB post” from my bucket list. Thanks man!

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