You Shouldn’t Blog About Sex On Halloween

How We Roll - 52 Stories - Pt 1
Halloween is about almost here and the kids are starting to get more than a little excited about it but not me. I am too busy trying to leave a simple wisp of toilet paper on every roll in every bathroom.

It is not really the kind of thing you want to put on a resume because some people consider it discourteous to let the person(s) that follow you in the restroom have to change the roll but if I wanted to I could come up with a good explanation.

My initial thought is to tie it into performance art and creativity. Something about modern art that is phrased in such a way that no one wants to dispute it because they don’t want to appear to be culturally illiterate.

But the smarter move is to make it cultural and or to tie it into a disability.

I am not really serious about the toilet paper thing, but the kids and Halloween, yeah that is serious.

When Are You Too Old To Trick Or Treat

Steiner the minor is going to turn 14 and I told him this is most certainly the end of trick or treating for him. He didn’t think that was right so I explained that my parents told me I was too old when I turned 13.

He asked me if I would have felt the same if we were living at the old house and I told him there wasn’t any doubt about it. Of course he doesn’t really remember that there really weren’t that many kids in the old neighborhood so he might have had outside influences pushing him the other way, who knows.

I didn’t tell him that when I think about finding a new home I picture Halloween there because there is no reason to share it now. Unless there is a dramatic change we aren’t moving today or tomorrow.

You can blame Halloween for influencing part of the story about two liars.


My daughter told me she wants to see pictures of me dressed up in costumes as an almost adult in college. I am not quite sure whether she came up with almost adult or that is my subconscious talking but there really aren’t many floating around because I stopped doing it years ago.

I don’t know why I did, can’t think of any one reason that made me but if I had to guess I’d probably blame it on a lack of cash. The coffers were typically too empty to drop $50 for a party.

And since my fraternity always threw Halloween parties I discovered that not being in costume was a good ice breaker. The girls that came to the bar almost always asked me why I didn’t dress up and that opened up conversations for the rest of the evening.

Since we are talking about fraternity parties and girls I suppose I could march right into the discussion about why you shouldn’t blog about sex on Halloween.

Hell we could move right into the talk about how some children are dressed in inappropriate costumes that should be worn just by adults.

It wouldn’t be hard to do either. Some of the costumes my daughter and friends are talking about are questionable, mostly because they are desperate not to look like babies and that creates some issues.

Issues meaning the costumes I see in various stores don’t make me happy. My girl is 10 going on 30, emphasis being on 1o. She likes to try and tease me about what  life will be like when she has a boyfriend but she truly isn’t interested now.


 You Shouldn’t Blog About Sex On Halloween

I don’t know if there is a time to blog about sex or not. I suppose there is and I guess that I have but right now I am just writing.

That is because I am trapped in a moment where the creative juices aren’t just overflowing they are explosive and I ride that wave as often and as far as I can.

It is part of why I am thinking about the dreams that do not die and the stories that should be told. Got Bob Dylan singing his Wedding Song and it just reminds me of the power of storytelling and music.

One of the dreams that do not die is to tell a bigger story, to take the ones that swim unseen in the depths of my mind and to set them free. I have done a poor job of giving them free reign and even worse.

I like to tell myself that I haven’t cut loose because I have been up against it for so long I have forgotten to take a moment to breathe but that is not entirely true either.

A man who likes to dream about wearing a cape and having superpowers (shut up, it is still cool when you are almost middle aged) should be willing to do it.

More importantly the guy who jumps off of cliffs and learns to fly as he falls is a natural fire dancer so the time has come. And I guess it is tied into why I see the sort of surf inside my head that makes you skip going to school and or call in sick for work.

When the waves are rolling in you can pretend you hear the thunder or you can get on your board and get out there.

Life is made to be lived, not dreamed.

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