It’s The Kind Of Life We Should Live


The kind of life we should live.

The children are far too young for us to have real discussions about marriage and life partnerships but the short version of what I want for them is contained in that quote.

My hope and dream for them is many years from now when I am long gone and they lived decades and decades of life they’ll be able to look back upon a rich tapestry of experiences and smile because they shared them with someone meaningful and special to them.

Not everyone gets to experience that. Not everyone has that and some who could never do because they fear to move from where they are at.


I could sit in that chair and be content.

I suppose it is natural to start thinking about our lives as they were, as they are and as we hope them to be.

Especially at this time of year, when you look around and wonder how almost 365 days could have passed by so very quickly and you know you were conscious of the time because it often felt like the clock had stopped.

Some people pass through life, barely awake and aware of what is happening around them and others are fully aware.

Don’t get hung up on that last part. If you are like me it is natural to question what fully aware means but also natural to accept it as meaning you pay attention to whether your living the kind of life that makes you happy and content or not.

If you are me you also accept that content doesn’t mean you are happy all day long, every day because that is ridiculous. We all have hard moments and go through times where we feel something other than happy and that is ok.

You don’t see the light or the dark without the other.

Some of my favorite moments come from the in between place where day doesn’t know whether it is time to be night and night hasn’t decided if it should turn to day.

I don’t know what kind of life you want to live but I know the kind of life we should live and I am working on it.

It is time for me to go now, we have reached the in between moment so the dog and I are going for a walk to search for magic.

Don’t know if we’ll find it or if it will find us.

I just know that I tell my kids you have to be open to possibility to find opportunity.

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  1. Larry December 25, 2014 at 9:36 pm

    Always need to be open to possibilities. A close mind sees nothing. Find the magic!

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