Life Doesn’t Cooperate With Blogging

I have this idea that somewhere at the end of the tracks there is a place that provides sanctuary that isn’t called Terminus.


A belief that somewhere there is a magical rest stop waiting for me to find it, a place where time will stand still just long enough for me to recharge my batteries and prepare for the next stop on my journey.

My personal Rivendell (yeah I am geeking it up today) must be there but my best guess is it is going to be different than I expect but it will still work for me because I’ll make it work.

I’ll make it work because that is what is required and most of the time I am good with that. Most of the time I don’t get irritated that life refuses to cooperate with my plans for blogging and anything else.

What I Intended To Do

What I intended to do was write a post about why I want to share Twenty-Five Links That Will Make You A Better Writer/Blogger with you.

The mental image I had in my head was for a post that could have real potential instead I am stuck with a seven minute brain dump.

Seven minutes to write this post while I wait for the Auto Club to show up so that I can take my car to the shop.

Why do cars only break down when cash is tight.

That last line was rhetorical.

So instead of providing you with the amazing post I pictured in my head you get this and a couple of comments.

When Life Doesn’t Cooperate With Blogging

When life doesn’t cooperate with blogging and it kills the block of the time I had for writing I usually try to do something anyway.

I see merit in training myself to be able to produce content under virtually any circumstances and figure I might as when the opportunity arises I might as well practice.

Some people say you shouldn’t post unless it is perfect but I am not one of them. I say chase perfection but understand you’ll never catch it and that if you only publish what you think is amazing you won’t publish much.

Besides predicting what will or won’t hit can be a rough business. Sometimes the posts you think are the best don’t generate a peep and the stuff you think is fair goes gang busters.

And now I am off to the mechanic where I’ll probably find more fodder for posts and try not to go ballistic if this is more serious than I think.

The benefit of not having my kids around is they won’t interrupt or interject during conversations with the guy but that is a whole different post.

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