169 Ways To Make The People You Work With Hate You

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Three years ago I asked people why they felt the need to learn how to make people hate them.

For a while it was one of the more popular posts on the blog and I wondered how many people read it because they really wanted to learn new ways to make their coworkers hate them and how many were just curious.

If you hate the people you work with that much I don’t understand why you wouldn’t make an effort to find a new place to hang your hat, but that is just me.

I played around with trying to make this a funny post because it lends itself to that and I have had success with the funny stuff here but decided I didn’t want to go that direction.

It is not because I can’t be funny either. I received compliments today on One Slightly Used Pump For Sale as well as for some of the material from It Should Have Been On YouTube.

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I suppose part of why I went a different direction is tied into a gut feeling I have about life and blogging right now.

Been living in the land of transition and life changes for a while and it has made an impact as well as taken a toll upon me.

The toll comes from the stress that comes with worrying about how your choices impact your children. It is the fear that comes with not knowing how certain situations will play out and feeling guilty because the consequences of other actions make you wonder if you let them down.

It is mitigated by knowing that you can’t see what the future holds and you never know for certain how something is going to be until you try it.

It is that moment where you take a hard and honest look and can accept that whatever happened is not solely because of your efforts, be it good or bad.

My kids have never gone hungry, been without shelter or clothing.  The two biggest changes in their lives were being pulled from private school and having to move.

If I look at the big scorecard of life they are still ahead of the game so any guilt I feel is my own manifestation.


But I have also learned how to visualize the future I want and how to turn that into reality.

Don’t misunderstand, this isn’t about the law of attraction here. I am not discussing whether it exists or not. I am talking about how I used blogging to figure out what I want and what I need.

The benefit of doing that is it enables you to create a real plan for obtaining those things.

169 Ways To Make The People You Work With Hate You

Even though I am not going to provide you with a list I will reiterate something I have said before about how to make your coworkers hate you.

If you really want to do that be the person that makes meetings a waste of time and energy. Make people hate meetings and they’ll hate you.

Hell I hate you just thinking about it.

But since hate isn’t a good way to encourage new readers to subscribe to your blog or keep existing readers around I’ll switch to love.

Do you feel the love now?

Woohoo, I knew that you would and because you do I’ll give you a list of posts you may or may not have read and offer those for your reading pleasure.

Remember I sometimes get creative with headlines:

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  1. Janine Huldie March 11, 2015 at 3:43 pm

    You know I couldn’t love your blog more, so I thank you for sharing a few more posts here for me to check out! 😉

  2. Gary Mathews March 10, 2015 at 12:07 pm

    Your sense of humor his great, I look forward to this stuff every day!

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