Go Blog About Yourself

I’m So Happy I Can’t Stop Crying feels like the perfect song to accompany this picture, not sure why, just fits.

Listening the Toby Keith cover thinking about the last five posts I wrote and how they are all tied into this itch I can’t quite scratch.

Thinking about the boy who was the six million dollar man and how in some ways I am more like that kid than ever and that is a good thing.

Your Kiss Is On My List

Sometimes when someone has heard many or most of your stories they listen to the things you tell them in the present and apply what you say against what they have heard in the past.

Can’t say I don’t do the same, but I try to remember to look at the present too.

You can blame Hall & Oates for the line of thought. I heard Kiss On My List and thought about some goofy moments in college and how someone might have asked some women if they wanted to participate in a kissing contest to see who the best kisser was.

I suspect age, time and place might impact whether one thinks that is cool, silly or dumb. If I based it upon my current perspective I’d say it is more important to be the best or most important kiss for one person than the one who after a few drinks was crowned king or queen.

That is the kind of advice I’d give to my kids if they asked about it, but I am sort of hoping I don’t have to deal with their dating and relationship stuff for a little while longer.

Not because I can’t deal with it but because I am not in a rush for them to be that old. That time will come soon enough.

Blame that sort of feeling on having a kid in high school and the realization as to just how long I have been a father for and how close we are to the place where they head off on their own.

Win A Chance To Shoot Cecil’s Cubs

I got sucked into a conversation on the soccer field with some people who were irate about guns and gun control. I told them I probably wasn’t a good person to have this discussion with because every time I have seen them have a disagreement with others it has gotten ugly.

Ugly because they don’t do well accepting that not everyone agrees with them, but since they insisted and I was feeling mischievous I indulged them.

I listened to their breathless rant about how guns have to be banned and how anyone that doesn’t agree with them is clearly deranged and told them I thought we ought to have a contest to protect endangered species.

When they asked me what I was talking about I said we ought to auction off the chance to hunt down and kill some lion cubs, specifically the cubs that belonged to Cecil, the lion who was shot by the dentist this past summer.

I don’t know if they were more horrified by that or my asking if I could arrange for a Japanese whaler to provide me with the bones of a whale because I wanted to use them to build a jungle gym and staircase.

Wonder if she would be more offended by that or if I asked her to participate in a kissing contest and told her she didn’t place because no one with common sense would put their lips against hers.

Go Blog About Yourself

I keep harping about old fashioned blogging and how I wish that bloggers spent more time focusing on good content than marketing and promotion and that is not going to change.

Won’t be the central theme or focus here but you’ll see it pop up because part of influencing change comes from making sure you get your message out there and you never know who is reading.

One of the reasons I dislike social proof is because those share numbers you post don’t provide proof of influence, just proof that someone shared your link.

It doesn’t tell me whether it was read by anyone and or if they thought it was good, useful or educational.

One of the things I’d like to see more of is more personal stories. Blog about yourself a bit, share a tale or two about who you are and what makes you tick.

Put something up about an experience or funny story like that time you went on a lion hunt and had a kissing contest with a bunch of strangers in a hut in the jungle.


I could tell you a story about how I once called The Shmata Queen a crazy broad and how she laughed and about how a different time she reacted by swinging that massive black purse at my head.

If I did I would talk about double standards and the difference in how we react when we are happy or angry with people but I don’t know if people really want to hear about that.

Might be more interesting to share more of the conversation with the people who can’t stand opinions that aren’t their own and how after I talked about whales I wondered if you can buy an orangutan jacket in black or blood red.

Not Quite The End

I am serious about putting together the Kindle Single, not sure if I am going to use Plenty of Time as the basis or something else, but I’ll figure it out.

Yeah, I’ll figure it out just as I’ll figure out the answers to How To Catch A Dragon. Got to run for a while because it takes some significant energy to rope the moon and that is my next trick.

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  1. Janine Huldie October 7, 2015 at 3:22 am

    I do try my best to blog about myself and my family as much as possible. Not going to lie though as my kids are getting older it is a fine line what I share about them on my own page though. Nevertheless, I do what I can when I can and keep on plugging along, too 😉

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