Who’s Got Your Back

Don’t look now but there is an audiopost inserted into the middle of this blog post, but wait, there is more.

Keep reading and you’ll find the link where I say I am funnier than you are.

Don’t argue with me because it is true. How many times have you written stories like these:

One Slightly Used Pump For Sale

The Phone Sex Surprise

It is Called Life

The Flying Clown

Don’t answer that, it is a rhetorical question. My fragile male ego can’t take much of a beating and you’d feel guilty if you found out your response made me hide under my desk.

And then my ego would take another beating because I don’t think I’d fit under there, $@^#$T^$@ extra weight.

Someone tell my 19 year-old metabolism to come back home, all is forgiven.

Who’s Got Your Back

There is no punctuation set against that headline so we don’t know if it is a question, statement or exclamation.

So let me help you and say it was a rhetorical question I phrased for my children, one that I asked and answered.

They have reached that joyous time of life when surging hormones wreak havoc upon brains that are still developing creating highs and lows.

Most of the time they are pretty even, but they’re no different than other tweens and teens so the aforementioned highs and lows roll in and out of here like the tide.

But unlike the tide you don’t listen to the roar of the surf and smile because it is relaxing.

This particular tide of emotions brings other stuff that is far less relaxing.

Anyhoo, I work hard to make sure the kiddies know their parents are always there for them. I work hard to try and make sure they know they can speak with me about anything.

But I never forget how unwilling I was to speak with my parents about my private affairs and how I dodged and deflected their questions.

It wasn’t because they weren’t present, but because I found it hard to talk about many of those things with them.

Hopefully my kids will find it easier to speak with me and if not, well I hope they will never forget that I always have their back.

The Audiopost Portion

Congratulations, you have reached the audiopost portion of this post. You get to listen to me speak about being affectionate, hugging kids and teenagers.


If you made it down here you clearly need to read more of my posts. There are some gold nuggets floating around this joint that will move and motivate you.

Why not take a moment and search for some more fine reading material.

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  1. Larry March 30, 2016 at 4:17 am

    I’d miss the hugs too.
    My soon to 12-year-old (Saturday) is on light side. I can still lift him up etc. So, he’s not getting away so fast! Now, when he’s 15 – I’m not so sure.

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