Sometimes Writers Lack Perspective

Writers do lack perspective and there are moments where we get so caught up in our own lives we get lost in the story we are supposed to be writing.

If I had time I could illustrate it in detail here but I don’t have the luxury of doing that now, perhaps I will later.

Perhaps I’ll figure out how to dig a giant hole and harvest extra time that I can use for myself and or sell to make millions.

Wouldn’t have to be priced very high at all, it would be sold in great volume and then maybe we’d all have time to slow down and see where we are at.

Time to breathe, look, listen and remember.

Captain Of My Tale

I plan on coming back later to write a longer piece that will satisfy my need to write, but for now I can’t.

This is all the time I have and I am making the best use of it I can, satisfying the giant master inside my skull that demands I put words on the page.

Told the kids we are going to be moving again soon because we are and though it is unexpected I plan on making it the next step to bigger and better.

I plan on being the captain of my tale.

But that tale is still being written and for the moment these are all the words we can put to page. Sometimes you have to just write and then move on.

That is how life is, you just do and just go and hope that doing and going have more value than just being and breathing.


Today is the first day in the next step of living with purpose.

My intention has been set and my goal visualized.

Time is up.

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