Sometimes Social Media Is Just Noise

It is possible that I am feeling a bit spent because the ordinary aspects of my life have been filled with some extraordinary moments and challenges.

So that might be part of why I am looking askance at social media and asking if it is giving more than it is taking.

Everyone has an opinion and everyone knows better than you do.

Everyone is an expert and it doesn’t matter if they are talking about places they have never been or experiences they haven’t had because the Internet gives them license to do so.

“I have read about it. I have a brother/friend/mother from there. I know because I have common sense.”

The answers and excuses pile on and the anger grows because few listen and few are heard.

So I stare at the screen and think about whether it might be time to hop on a bike and ride away.


Might be time to go where it is quiet and conversations take place. A place where people will talk and listen.

Somewhere in which the response you get has something to do with what you said and isn’t just issued because the other person felt like they had to say something about how smart or self-important they are.

Never hurts to disconnect for a bit, to recharge our batteries and breathe fresh air so that we can remember we are people.

We can remember who we are, what we are about and what we hope to do.

And in that moment regain and or retain our perspective.

Words With Meaning

The End Of Goodnight Kisses is one of my very favorite posts.

I had no idea that it would become that or even a hint that it would mean something to me. Like most of my posts I wrote it without an outline and without any idea about what story I would create or share.

It was just part of my journey.


I understand the anger and the pain that many people feel right now.

There is a lack of leadership and during times of uncertainty it doesn’t make people feel more secure or comfortable.

I understand feeling frustrated because things are happening that are outside of our control which is precisely why I want to take that deep breath before I act.

When I close my eyes it is not to run away from a problem or problems but to respond in the best way possible.

Ask my children what dear old dad says to do when times are hard and they’ll you I say to breathe and to not panic.

The person that maintains their calm is usually the one who will fare best because they are less likely to act like a fool.


Joy powers me, fuels my rides and my existence.

I live because I have loved and been loved and because I still…love.

Sometimes Social Media Is Just Noise

Social media can give and it can take.

It is filled with bright and shiny objects and some dark places too.

You have to keep your head up and your eyes open because not all that glitters is gold and if you are not careful you can follow the wrong piper.

But if you listen very hard, well you know how the rest of that song goes.

Don’t confuse the amplification of noise and magnification of minutiae make you think the world is filled with nothing but darkness nor that it is all light either.

Rainbows come after rain and light follows dark.

You don’t get one without the other and that is ok.

Life keeps moving because we keep moving.

As long as people of good conscience remember to take action we’ll always find ourselves heading towards the bright side of the road.

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  1. Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom July 12, 2016 at 7:02 am

    Oh my goodness have I ever been feeling the noise lately! I think all social media should shut down for one day a month… a periodical sabbatical. Just imagine how much happier everyone would be for that one day?! lol

    I enforce a break on myself periodically because it becomes too much after a while.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.
    PS – a belated visit from Coach Daddy’s 6 words post!

    • Jack Steiner July 12, 2016 at 9:42 am

      I have gotten pretty good about disconnecting from most platforms on the weekends. It is not a perfect solution but it helps keep the noise at a level that works for me.

  2. Larry July 10, 2016 at 6:12 pm

    It sounds like a break might be in order. Too much feedback on line.

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