What Happens When Your Blog Declares A Mutiny?

There is nothing better than trying to write a snarky post than discovering your attempt to be sarcastic and funny was derailed by technical errors.

It is kind of frustrating because if you believe as I do that pictures are worth a thousand words you’ll understand why I was irked to discover that two didn’t show up in the post.

The strange thing is that I can see them in the editor but can’t figure out why they aren’t rendering in the final output.

And Then He Saw The Light

Three minutes into writing the post you are reading I realized there was an issue with the shortcodes I used to make the pictures stretch across the page.

When I pulled those from the post the pictures rendered and voila, a chorus of angelic voices rained down upon me from the heavens.

I know the damn blog wasn’t too happy about that because it sent the gladiator in the picture above to teach me a lesson.

Sadly he didn’t fare so well and since this is a family blog I can’t show you the pictures of the beating I just gave him.

What I can tell you is that this experience makes for a good teaching moment so later on I’ll have a conversation with my children and talk about the importance of sticking with problems.

Don’t know if we’ll have that discussion tonight, tomorrow or next week but we will talk about how perseverance and determination can be your best allies in solving problems.


Life and responsibilities call but I’ll make time to share another thought here.

I keep hinting at some of the things going on behind the scene and referencing how I expect some big changes to be on the horizon.

Since I am a superstitious man I won’t provide many details because I don’t want to jinx anything and then say things took a step forward today.

Nothing is set and things can turn on a dime, but damn if I am not a mix of nerves.

Scared it will happen and scared it won’t.

Feels a bit like I am walking on the razor’s edge and dancing in the fire hoping I am not cut or burned.

It is important to me to share that so that I can record this moment and to let my kids know down the line that dear old dad isn’t some tough guy who never says he is afraid.

Am I scared?

Yeah, but it is really the good kind of nerves and I won’t let fear dictate how I live my life.

Sometimes you have to make a move and take a chance.

I can’t tell people that when I die I want to say I lived hard unless I do my best to actually do it.

The goal is to die feeling like I did my best to have chased after my dreams and provided for my family.

Can’t do that without making some mistakes or chalking up a few regrets but I prefer those that come because of action.

Time to strap in, the ride is just starting.

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  1. Nikolas July 15, 2016 at 1:02 am

    Nice to read personal posts like these once in a while too.

  2. Larry July 14, 2016 at 2:32 pm

    Seeing opportunities for growth and teaching everywhere – I respect that about you.

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