I Drove All Night

I probably should write a love story using Roy Orbison’s I Drove All Night as the framework for it and not just because it is what I am listening to now.

But because some scoundrels aren’t smart enough to recognize I don’t suffer fools or that a physical response isn’t the only way a person has to express their displeasure.

Maybe it is because some Bozos aren’t smart enough to know about the digital footprints that people leave and I know where they work.

It wouldn’t take more than a moment to grab a screenshot and send it off to someone who might not be pleased with how some people choose to spend their time.

Much as I might want to give you a beating with the back of my hand it wouldn’t be nearly as effective or meaningful as the consequences of the screenshot.


I Drove All Night

It occurs to me the story about the guy who drove all night to get to his girl is one that has been done eight million times in eight million different ways.

Keep in mind the repetition demonstrates this is the sort of story that will always be of interest to people because it is timeless.

People are always going to read the tales of the love lorn and lovers who overcome all odds to be together.

Might be fun to go a different direction and set it on the water in some way.

Got Escape, The Pina Colada Song playing now so that might influence my thoughts a little bit too.

Would have to throw in The Bee Gees I Started A Joke as part of the whole bit as well because a good love story has to have some challenges in it.

Hell any good story about people needs some kind of hook that demonstrates people overcoming some kind of challenge or you’ll put people to sleep.

What Kind Of Blog Are You Running Here?

I am glad you asked.

Technically I have been a dad blogger for more than 12 years but I have never been the guy who only wrote about his kids or family life.

That is not because I can’t fill your screen with funny, interesting and or sad tales about fatherhood and kids because I can and I have.

Rather it is because I am not one dimensional.

The most important role I have in life is being dad but it doesn’t preclude me from having a ton of interests and from the joy I experience as a writer.

Not to mention there comes a time where it is incumbent upon us to protect our children by pulling back on the stories we share.

There is a big difference between writing about infants/toddlers and writing about teenagers.

I want my children to have some control over what sort of digital footprint they develop and I don’t want them to be teased because I shared some recent story I thought was funny unless we have talked about it.

So I write about many different things and sometimes I produce works of fiction here, some of which have been pretty well received.


Moving back to the love story that might use a convertible or a boat I am thinking about incorporating my pal Pablo into it some way.

That quote above is magical and it offers a fine lead into the one below.


I would argue if you can’t relate to that one you haven’t kissed the right person but that is probably a post for a different day.

Forgive me, but it also reminds me of a recent conversation with my daughter about how old she has to be to start dating.

Since she is only 12 we have some time but it is a bit surreal to me to think about how one day in the not so distant future my children will start to understand these things too.

I was 16 the first time I fell in love.

If life goes as it does some boy/girl will break her heart and that of her brother and I might have to try to console them.

Uncharted Territory

That is uncharted territory and if they are willing to speak with me I will do my best to help them, but it is quite strange to think about how close that time might be.

Used to be that we had years before school started or before we had to worry about helping them get into college and now not so much.

There is more that could be said or shared about the story and about how to help our children manage their lives but midnight has come and gone and some of us require extra sleep.

So dream big, sleep well and come by another day because you never know what you will find here.

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