How To Teach Your Boy To Pee Like A Man

Friends, sometimes I forget there was a time when many of the posts you find here were written as a public service.

Yes, way back in the stone age of my blogging career somewhere around 2005 I wrote a post about The Germophobe.

It is a very fine piece that I recommend you take a moment to read because it covers urinal selection strategy and FPS, or “Frightened Penis Syndrome.”

Undoubtedly few if any of our female readers will be familiar with these terms or know much about some of the others covered in the post so maybe this will help shed light on unfamiliar territory.

Some men suffer from FPS, or “Frightened Penis Syndrome.” There is a long clinical description of this in JAMA and a number of other medical journals, not to mention the classic Mayo Clinic study, but rather than get too technical here is a basic description.

In its native habitat the penis is primarily a nocturnal creature who operates with stealth and guile under the cover of darkness. Sometimes when it is surprised it attempts to hide by trying to blend in with its immediate surroundings. In abathroom situation that involves immediately cutting of the flow of urine so as not to make any noise or leave a trail that can be followed by hunters or animals employed by hunters such as the penis hound. But I digress, back to our story.

If you want to learn more about the dread Germophobe and useful tips for how to teach your boys to pee like a man click here.

Go on now, urinal selection strategy is no joke and should be mastered sooner than later.

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