Donald Trump Can’t Do The Hokey-Pokey

There is a long list about 140 characters long of the things that Donald Trump can do, but the Hokey-Pokey isn’t one of them.

Nor is the Bunny Hop, Cabbage Patch, the Monkey or the moonwalk.

It is not because he keeps tripping over a tie that is always too long or because he dreams of turning that tie into a sash he can pin fake medals on.

It is because he is too busy playing Simon Says and crying when people don’t do precisely as he instructs.

Blame Ma & Pa Trump

Parent bloggers write lots of posts about not being judgmental of other parents and talk about how it is ok to have a different way of doing things.

But I am not just a parent blogger, I am a dad who has worked his ass off to try to raise children of good character who know how to go along and get along.

A father who has taught them to stand up and push back when needed but to understand that we shouldn’t be outraged by everything.

And to learn how to share and cooperate with others.

I blame Ma & Pa Trump for not doing a good job of this with little Donald. Maybe that is unfair and or untrue, but

Maybe that is unfair and or untrue, but I haven’t anyone else to blame but Donald for his behavior. Wonder what Donald would have to say about that because he is usually pretty good about blaming others for what he should be responsible for.

Wonder what Donald would have to say about that because he is usually pretty good about blaming others for what he should be responsible for.

Someone needed to tell him years ago that he is not that great, but if they did it didn’t stick.

Realistic Parenting

It has been a long while since talked politics here and I am not necessarily going to dive back in full time, but I won’t ignore it either.

The same way I won’t ignore bad behavior from my children or pretend they are always perfect. They are good kids but they are human and prone to human mistakes.

Sometimes they screw up, same way we all do and I hope they continue to be good about being accountable for their actions.

I don’t expect or need perfection, but I want them to be honest with themselves about who they are and what they do.

When the lights go out at night and they are alone with their thoughts I want them to feel good about their actions and their efforts.

They’ll have good days and bad, but hopefully the good will always outnumber the bad.

And hopefully most days they’ll go to sleep knowing that however things went they know they did their best.

Learn From Mistakes

The other thing I want them to differently than Donald is to learn from their mistakes.

Ok, that might not be fair, he might learn from his mistakes but you’d never know it from his response because it is always about what someone else did wrong and not him.

So I want them to be accountable, responsible and willing to spend their entire life learning.

That is not too much to ask, nor is texting them to turn down the damn music because this modern stuff sucks. 😉

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