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It Could Be A Gift

Sometimes Facebook is a place where you go to read fake news and be outraged by politics and sometimes it is where you see an ex talking to a big oaf.

And you think to yourself, “if she is flirting with that big oaf or just being extra friendly.

Not that it matters because you aren’t together but since you know the big oaf is not just dumb but a bad person you wonder if maybe you received a gift.

Maybe you got lucky and missed a making a big mistake because if there is romance with the big oaf you’d question their judgment.

But you’d never say anything about how dumb he is or ask if he swallowed his twin because that would be mean


You’re Just Jealous

That is probably the response you’d get if your comment about being a stupid oaf was heard and maybe something about being mean.

And if you engaged on it you’d talk about a stalker who keeps poking the bear and say if someone stayed out of private blogs and left other blogs alone there wouldn’t be any commentary.

It would be forgotten and then you’d add some comment about you have no respect for the oaf and think he is Trump like.

But that wouldn’t happen without a face-to-face conversation and that is unlikely so all of this hypothetical bullshit is just that…bullshit.


And somewhere in the recesses of your mind you’d ask if you are really jealous and what that might mean.

But instead of focusing on that you’d think about how all the nonsense proves some things never change as much as we might like them to.

We might be years out of college and high school but the people we love or once love, well sometimes they take us back to old times and instead of being men and women we are something else.

Boys and girls who don’t always know whether to say they love someone or not because of complications that don’t always exist any place other than in our own heads.

Sometimes People Disappoint You

I think I have read every Robert Heinlein book or at least all that were published.

Can’t say for certain because it has been a long while since I read the last but there was a time when Heinlein and Ray Bradbury were my go to authors.

Heinlein has a quote that has been shared a few times that fits the present.

“You can sway a thousand men by appealing to their prejudices quicker than you can convince one man by logic.”

But what really strikes me more than anything about now is how you never get too old to outgrow being disappointed by people.

Sometimes People Disappoint You

If you look at large groups you are guaranteed to run into a situation or circumstance in which you are disappointed by how some people behave.

That is just how life goes and I am fine with that.

My issue comes with the gut punch from being disappointed by people you care about who supposedly care or used to care about you.

There is no joy or solace in the disappointment that is associated with that.

But it is a part of life too and sometimes you are going to be forced to deal with it.

What You Think You Know

Every now and then I remind myself that what you think you know isn’t always true or accurate.

The world is neither black nor white and the shades of gray exist everywhere.

But those shades of gray do not automatically take precedence over right and wrong because there are lines that are exactly the color they appear.

Still only a fool lives their life as being just one way and one thing.

Life was good.

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”
― Albert Einstein

Blogging The Mystery

I don’t know if they’ll bury me in a box, shroud or burn me. Given my

Given my druthers there will be no burning and if they should do that, well you better dump my ashes somewhere because if you don’t I will find a way back.

It is like the old saying, if you try to kill me you better get it done because if you don’t I am going to come after you and hell is coming with me.

It has been far too long since I updated here but when you have five blogs it is hard to keep them all going and I have fallen short here.

Been pretty good at one of the others, that gets new content 5-6 times a week.

Anyhoo, I am here now and we’ll do our best to hold your attention for a few.

Blogging The Mystery

Chuck and I haven’t ever spoken but I think he’d appreciate what I am doing now because fear and I have become intimate companions.

You don’t need to know all of the details or hear precisely how and why to appreciate my saying I am wrestling with some stuff now.

They are the demons and monsters that we call uncertainty and his/her/its friends.

The beasts that come out when you know you have done your damnedest to make some things happen and aren’t sure if it will measure up in the way you want/hope it to.

So I am here, blogging the mystery and telling you and reminding me that I have busted my butt to do it right.

I have done all I am capable of doing to make certain things go a certain way and now I have to hope it is enough.

And that is really hard for me and really sort of scary.

It might not be.

This might not work and I hate that.

But then again, it might.

It might be better than I expect and the anticipation might be the worst part.

I won’t know until I know and that is what troubles me.

It is like taking a test and waiting for your grades. You think you did ok but you aren’t sure and can’t know until the paper is handed back to you.

Guess I better sign off and get cracking again because I intend to win that damn prize.

See you in the comments.