Another Year Comes And Goes

Another year comes and goes isn’t quite accurate as we haven’t reached the end of 2022 but in my experience the time between Thanksgiving and December 31 moves at light speed.

Thought about it because I heard someone play The Hustle and it reminded me of being a kid at  a New Years party and being told I had to go to bed.

I was around seven or so and remember being angry because I was certain I was old enough to be up past midnight for a party.

Heck, there had been times when I had absolutely been up then so I had no understanding of what crazy logic my parents were using.

But I wanted time to move faster so that I could show them that I could stay up late and not be tired the next day.

It’s funny how slowly time goes as a kid because you only want it to go faster and as an adult it flies by but you wouldn’t mind if it slowed down.

Had all of my kids for Thanksgiving and got an excited call from my middle sister who told me that her oldest was able to take time off from the new job to go to her table.

I told her to say hi for me and to appreciate that he had driven through three states to get to her and then laughed because that still sounds ridiculous to me.

Driving through three states that is, not that it can’t be done but if you can do it in a day those states are awfully small.

Hold On One More Day

Got some big stuff on tap this week and it’s chapping my hide that it is chapping my hide.

Really shouldn’t be any reason to be concerned because I will manage whatever comes my way, but something about it has me uneasy.

Probably irked because I know there are some big changes and I don’t know enough about them to start working out how to handle them.

You can equate this to why I dislike hurricanes much more than earthquakes.

I haven’t any problem accepting that Mother Nature can unload some pretty heavy stuff upon us but I hate the idea of watching and waiting for a hurricane to hit.

Reminds me a bit of when I was younger and I got into some fist fights. I hated the anticipation of whether it would hurt much when I got hit.

Always felt better after I had been bloodied because I knew what I was dealing with.

Earthquakes can be pretty damn scary sometimes but you don’t get to spend a week or part of a week walking on eggshells while you wonder if the beast is going to wallop you or give you a small kiss.

So I am focused now on holding on one more day so I can more accurately gauge and assess what needs to happen.

Anticipation is no fun.

Walt Was Right

I like what Walt had to say in the quote above, he was correct and I follow his advice.

Doesn’t hurt that it tends to fit my preferred way of living, now more than ever. As the years go by I get a bit crankier and more set in some of my ways.

Not all, I am not above changing if it makes sense, always open to better ways of doing things.

Made a point to talk to the kids about that at the Thanksgiving table. Told them what I am grateful for, told them a little bit about what scares me and what gives me hope.

Got more hope than fear, that is a good place to be.

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