Is It Really 17 Years?

I have been cleaning up broken parts and pieces of the blog but that is not the reason I haven’t updated the way I said I was going to.

And yeah, I know I keep talking about it and talk is cheap.

Those things are all true and there is no doubt that action is the only thing I will accept as having merit or should I say proof of my intentions.

Anyhoo, I came across Troubled Waters? What Troubles Does Water Have? and realized it is 17 years since my paternal grandfather died.

That is shocking and yet not at all because when I think about it there is no doubt that much time has passed.

Except I have to think about it because it never feels that long ago until I start to actively consider what is different between then and now.

It Is A Different World

It is a different world now in almost every important and measurable way. Though if I talked to grandpa I think he would tell me he went through the same things, even though the changes might be different.

He saw political upheaval, big changes in the country and the world. He buried parents, saw his kids grow up and watched jobs that were once important disappear and new ones evolve.

Are the changes more profound or just different.

I lean towards just different but I would have liked to have discussed it with him. Guess I’ll have to just consider the options and what I think he might have said,

My dad would have said it doesn’t matter because I do what I do regardless of what anyone says, 😉

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  1. Mitch Mitchell June 30, 2023 at 5:03 am

    Life is a strange trip, isn’t it? None of us think about the opposite of life until it hits us in the face, and even then there are some things that leave our minds for a while and other things that never seem to leave us that we think of daily.

    That’s only about family; in many ways, some of the other things we do similar. Right now I’m concentrating on finding my way through my current career while looking at other possibilities because my mind thinks I need more stability in my life after the last 5 years or so. But the two thoughts are at odds with each other; what to do… what to do…

    I figure that we try to do the best we can and still find time to delve into the other things when possible. I’m not sure those are the right words, but it’s all I’ve got for now. 🙂

    • Jack Steiner July 1, 2023 at 7:56 pm

      Those words work for me, that sums it up in a way that provides clarity or at least it does for me.

      I grew up hearing that we can only do our best. Used to hate hearing it, but it makes sense to me now.

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