How To Write A Blog Post Only Smart and Sexy People Will Read

LoVE Dot. Dot .dot .

Someone asked me how to write a post in five minutes but I was feeling a bit saucy so I used a headline that some might call linkbait. On the other hand every good headline should have an element of linkbait in it.

Or maybe what we are really saying is linkbait is a pejorative term when the post it directs you to has no redeeming value for the reader. I don’t have time to mull that over with you now.

So instead let’s talk about you can write a post in five minutes. Maybe you provide Twenty-Five Links That Will Make You A Better Writer/Blogger and include links to older posts that newer readers might have missed like:

Between those posts you might help people recognize that you are someone who covers multiple topics because writing should be fun and Blogging Doesn’t Have To Have A Point.

Maybe you should keep sharing links to help breathe life into some older posts:

Or maybe you should wait until you have more than five minutes to blog.

What do you think?

What I Like About Rochester

Of course it is the fabulous University of Rochester. Not much of a sports team, but there is more to school than that. Ask my cousin Moshe about his experience in the IT department there.