Doing the Mess Around

Ray and I are working on a bunch of things now but we’ll have some pretty cool new stuff for you soon. In the interim here are some links that you might have missed.

  1. Do What You Were Born To Do
  2. A Work In Progress
  3. 163 Reasons Why Successful Businesses Are Not Based Upon User Experiences
  4. Can You Write a Funny Post
  5. 567 Ways To Tell A Better Story
  6. I Wish Some Of You Would Just Shut Up
  7. 7 Things You Never Say To Mean Moms
  8. Jerusalem, Children, & Mario Tennis Open
  9. Can You Build Community Without Comments?
  10. Sabotage
  11. Write Now The Tales That Should Be Told
  12. There is No Relationship Between Your Bank Account & Your IQ
  13. Do You Ever Delete Posts You Have Published?
  14. What Is The Value of A Comment?

And as a bonus:

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