What Does Your Blog Say About You?

I make a point to review my “About Me” page quarterly. There is no science behind that number. It just made sense to me to check it on a semi regular basis to see if it tales the kind of tale I want it to tell.

Every so often I need to look at it and make sure that it is in sync with the goals I have in place. I take some time to read the description I wrote about myself and the blog and take a look at the posts I linked to.

There are 14 posts listed below. My stats show that my “About Me” page is among the most heavily trafficked pages on my blog. So I need to ask myself if the 14 posts below are telling a story that I still want told.

As the year goes by I try to make a point to note any posts that blow up. If I have something that is really popular be it comment and or pageviews  I will often include it. But I also make a point to grab posts that I think are examples of my best writing.

So here I am, evaluating it all again. It is well after midnight so I am not going to make a decision about these links now or those that aren’t included, but I expect I will make a decision soon.

  1. A Father Describes Parenting
  2. A Father’s Burden
  3. Inside the Blogger’s Studio- A Dream, Er Nightmare
  4. The GermoPhobe
  5. What I Dream About
  6. I am In Love
  7. Becoming a Dad
  8. Grandpa
  9. Donuts
  10. Save The Last Dance For Me- 75 Years of Marriage
  11. An Uncertain Certainty
  12. Four Generations & A Wedding
  13. The Best Thing My Father Ever Said To Me
  14. 1 Foolproof Way To Become a Better Writer

Are there posts that aren’t included here that you think should be?

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    • TheJackB says

      @SueBursztynski @rainyofthedark It says quite a bit. Father, son, grandson, friend, professional, writer- not necessarily in that order. 😉

  1. says

    Quarterly? Wow, I do it once a decade…don’t wanna look back! JUST KIDDING…Hey JB, you’re getting a great # of comments lately…yipes, you don’t need me!

  2. says

    I’ve had this bookmarked for quite a while now, with the intention of going back to it and reviewing my About Page in light of what Michael says in his video here http://remarkablogger.com/2011/09/26/about-page-freelance-sales-weapon/
    He also gives a few examples of About pages that he likes.
    I haven’t revisited it for a while now, but plan to as I tweak my own site. Perhaps you’ll find something of interest in what he has to say. I’m not promoting or advocating it: I just remember bookmarking it for reference, and your post today brought it back to mind. Cheers! Kaarina

      • says

         @TheJackB Yes, as I recall, there were quite a few suggestions that resonated with me. Now I just need to get back there, re-visit and make the necessary changes:) Glad you found it helpful

    • says

       @KDillabough Thanks, Kaarina. For fun I checked it out, too. Then I went to my About page and actually saw it differently after watching his video. Made sense. Spent some time changing things around. 

  3. rdopping says

    So true! But I have to ask. Why would you change who you are (asked facetiously)? Yeah, a good idea as your blogging evolves. We just updated ours and it makes wayyyyy more sense now. Thanks Kaarina Dillabough for your thoughts on it.

  4. zjrosenberg says

    Or even better, just make your “About Me” page about someone else, like Abraham Lincoln. That’ll teach ’em.

  5. says

    :-) I remember being stuck with my About Me page long ago, even though I wrote it for  my clients and friends and seemed to do a great job of it. Then I figured I’d just do a list “About Me” – looked like a good idea and easy to update.
    I’ve read some of the 14.
    But you ‘ave a point. Review is always good. :-)

  6. Amiegr8tstuff says

    @LynnetteLabelle @TheJackB mine says i never blog! LOL. except for my recent good news! guess i better blog more now!

  7. says

    Hi Jack,
    Good discipline in reviewing the About page yearly. There is so much in keeping up a blog, isn’t there? Reviewing the goals is important too.Thanks for the reminders.

  8. says

    Good point about checking your about page quarterly. I check it less frequently than that, but I have had occassion to update the page. It’s likely due for another update soon, so I am catching up to your quarterly update schedule.

    • says

       @richescorner It is one of those pages that we write and forget about so I figure it makes sense to try to make a point to check in every so often.

  9. says

    As I posted last week; sometimes you don’t know what the trigger is to increase traffic; catchy title, funny pic, availability of your readers, etc. However, in your heart, you know the ones you would consider your better works.

    • says

       @bdorman264 I agree Bill, the ones ripped right from your heart aren’t always the ones that  “perform” so to speak. Do you think that should be the Golden Goal ( @thejackb ?) to have the one you feel best about be the also the one that performs?

      • says

         @Lori  @bdorman264 It would be ideal to see the posts you like best receive the most traffic/comments/attention but it often doesn’t work that way.

    • says

       @bdorman264 Sometimes there isn’t any rhyme or reason to it. My goal is to try to always feel good about what I have produced. If I can walk away feeling like I took a good crack at it I can rest more easily.

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