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Field of Dreams

I am four cups of coffee into what is going to be a 23 cup day and my fingers are flying across the keyboard. Yes I know this is the sort of headline that makes some people crazy and that is exactly why I used it.

I wanted attention. I wanted your attention. It is why I once wrote a post called I Should Have Slept With Her…. Again and 69 Reasons Why Fathers Make Better Lovers.

It is why I considered headlines such as Don’t Have Sex While Blogging or What Daddy and Mommy Do While You Are Sleeping.

Blame it on my irritation with the blogosphere and the typical social media summer slow down. It happens every year and I can guarantee that by August you will start seeing more posts about how blogging is dead or dying.

It is hogwash and it simply isn’t true. Blogging and our beloved blogosphere is alive and well, thriving in fact.

What About Your Headline?

What about my headline? Do you really want me to come up with a list of things that bloggers say during sex or would it be better to tie it into a post about the boundaries of blogging.

It would be easy to write about the boundaries of blogging. I have written several posts about it and that is a topic that never grows old. There are a million different angles to go with it.

Heck, we could tie it into the post that Shakirah wrote. I am not talking about her piece on Writer’s Block but the guest post she wrote for Ken called Can You Ever Be Big Enough To Blog About Anything You Want?

Actually both pieces are worth reading but we are going to focus on the latter for two reasons:

1) Technically my blog is a personal blog which means the rules are a bit different than they are for a business blog. However it has generated a bunch of freelance work so in a sense it is also a business blog and consequently I sometimes catch myself editing things here in a way I never used to do.

2) It is good conversation and something worth thinking about. Some actors don’t like taking certain roles because they worry about being typecast. I think it is a concern that some writers have too. Maybe it is part of why I like to write anything and everything. I never worry about being stuck in a hole.

I know from conversations and email that many of you have similar goals for your blogging careers to me.  We are all working on trying to develop great content that generates tons of comments, pageviews and notoriety that leads to book deals and or writing opportunities that allow us to become full time writers.

The question that we all ask is how do we make this happen and what can we do to speed the process along. Ok, that is actually two questions and not one. You can  make the typical joke about this being evidence of poor math skills and a reason why I am a writer.

Does self deprecating humor work? I don’t know. Stop distracting me.

The seven posts below provide a random sample of some of my most popular work. If you review them you will see there are several themes. They are a collection that includes fiction, posts about writing, parenting and social media.

From my perspective the two things that really make them work are the focus on story telling and upon people. That is because we all relate to those things.

  1. Lessons For Being Human
  2. Is There A Benefit To Paying for Facebook Fans For Your FB Fan Page?
  3. Do We Really Need Another Email Newsletter?
  4. The Silly Versus The Sublime
  5. 1 Foolproof Way To Become a Better Writer
  6. He Died A Hero
  7. Wind and Waves

Building Upon The Foundation

I don’t believe in there only being one way to succeed in social media or to create a popular blog.  You will always need great content and consistency. You will always need to sustain your effort, but don’t let people fool you into thinking that you have to do it their way.

Your way is often best because it is easiest to be you.

If you are among the long time readers you have noticed that I like to write these posts so that they resemble a conversation. We are drinking coffee or hanging out at a barbecue.

The goal is to connect and build relationships. I am a daddy blogger. I am an executive. I am a son and a brother. I am a person and so are you.

If I do my job properly you see the human side of me and I see yours. This is how we connect in person and this is how we connect online.

And as a P.S.A. to the men let me suggest that you not try blogging during sex. I am not a woman, but I am guessing that many would be quite unhappy if you chose to spend your tender moment tapping away on the keyboard.

Of course, I could be wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time and it won’t be the last. 😉

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